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  1. Trop65

    Crack in plastic

    So I showed the pictures to an aquarium business, not a chain, and they said it looked like a crack from the front of the tank bowing out and I need to replace the tank. They provide the service, I'm too old to do it myself. Pricy fix after all.
  2. Trop65

    Crack in plastic

    Just a support for the lid, in front by where the door opens to feed,etc.
  3. Trop65

    Crack in plastic

    I found on top of my tank, next to the lid, a crack in the plastic frame that holds up the glass top in front. Any ideas on how to repair? It is not a part near the water line, so it's not affecting the tank seal, thank goodness. However it looks likely to spread. This is part of a 20 year old...
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  7. Trop65

    Cloudy water after adding plastic plant

    I wanted to thank you for the help. I did as you said and by this morning my tank was clear!
  8. Trop65

    Replacement API tubes

    Great idea!
  9. Trop65

    Replacement API tubes

    Can you purchase replacement glass tube anywhere? I broke 2. Thanks!
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  11. Trop65

    Cloudy water after adding plastic plant

    Sure, Here is a picture. The plant on the left is the one I added.
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  14. Trop65

    Cloudy water after adding plastic plant

    I recently added a larger, 21", plastic plant to my established 65 gallon freshwater tank. I thoughrouly rinsed and soaked it before adding it in. Now 24 hours later the tank is cloudy. All water parameters are stable. Any thoughts on how to deal with it? Thank you!
  15. Trop65

    Fluval 200 stuck on 77°

    My 65 gallon tank with a 200w Fluval heater will not go above 77°. The blue light stays on, not flashing. It is set for 80°. Placement is right next to the intake tube, vertical. The room temp is 68° (winter here). My question, should I bump up to the 300 for a tank this size? Or is the heater...
  16. Trop65

    Who sits and just watches their tank for extended periods?

    I have my tank in the opposite corner of the tv in the livingroom. When there's a commercial, I watch the tank!
  17. Trop65

    How long have you been part the hobby and what is the scale of your involvement in it?

    I've been keeping fish for 50 + years now. My sister bought me my first tank, a little 10-gallon and that was it, I was hooked. I went to a 20 gallon to my current 65 gallon which I've had for 20 years. Strictly freshwater with many types of Tetras. I absolutely love this hobby...
  18. Trop65

    Skip water change?

    Thank you for your kind words and encouragement!😊
  19. Trop65

    Skip water change?

    For many years.