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    240ltr and 150ltr builds

    Fighting with some string algae, have dropped the lights back by another 30 mins. Also reducing feeding a little as it looks like some food was sitting in the string algae. Time for another trim. The extra Crypts look to have established themselves ok with no major crypt dieback, the original...
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    A Walstad Tank...

    Did you work out what the bug on the 1st day was?
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    240ltr and 150ltr builds

    Gave it another trim as the Water Wysteria was starting to take over. Also going to get some Seachem florish and see if it helps the java ferns and anubius as i think they may be a bit low on Iron or something. Also dropped the lighting back another 30 mins.
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    Not enough iron?

    As per the title. Holes in the leafs of Java ferns and some anubius leafs turning yellow. It's it a lack of iron? They are in a 240ltr tank that gets 20ml of api leaf zone each week after a water change. Stocking is about 40 guppies. 1 3 spot gurami and 11 Cory's. Should I up the leaf zone to...
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    TOTM brendonjw - February Tank of the Month Winner (31 gal & larger)

    Thanks all, i'm really happy with how the tank has been progressing.
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    EMO's Eventual Aquaponic Thirty

    Sorry for my ignorance but what are the Orbeez for? What do they do in the tank?
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    Scrapping tank. Starting over. Need best advice

    Thats Iti's tank, he doesn't have any aftermarket substrate or dirt, just pea gravel. Using those substrates can cause spikes. He doesn't use lights but has put his tank beside a window to get natural sun (this can cause its own problems.) He doesn't use CO2 Hes got a under gravel filter...
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    TOTM Vote Now! - February Tank of the Month Contest (31 gal and larger)

    Ok I'll give it a go. This is my new Juwel 240 ltr tank that has replaced my old 200ltr tall one (this one gives me an extra 40cm in width which is great.) I have painted the back black and removed the internal filter. It has been setup for about 2 months now i guess with most things being...
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    240ltr and 150ltr builds

    Thanks everyone, its got to the point where im now selling the plant clippings instead of replanting them so its finally starting to help pay for itself lol.
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    240ltr and 150ltr builds

    Crypts are in. Time to sit back and dial the light times in. Almost needs another trim
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