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    PArrot fish?

    would parrot fish get along with dempsys and fire mouths or not? right now my dempsy and my fire mouth are smaller than my 2 parrot fish
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    The Sweetest Thing.

    well atleas you got more angels and it's a good ending...
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    GOOD breeding stategy ?

    I'm gonna get my 10 gal sey up again and my 5 gal.. i also have a 1 gal tank.. or 2 i don't know what it is.. well it's really small well i have 3 tanks that i'm gonan set up again and there small.. I'm gonna put live beaers in em... now if i were to breed guupies and platues and swords is there...
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    How do i know when my cichlids are ready to spawn

    I'm hoping i don't know.. my dempsy stay togther like most of the time and my fire mouths are on opposite sides of the tank or ones at bottom and other at top.. i can't tell at all
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    How do i know when my cichlids are ready to spawn

    How do i know if my dempys are reay to breed same and the same with my Fire Mouths? i got 2 of both.. species
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    Whats your dream tank?

    I would like a house with a room were i can put atleast 10 tanks or more in it.. it would be my fish room
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    I just got some new fish!

    I was gonna ask a question i this post but i forgot what it was..i wasn't rubbing it in your face... i just forgot the question... but o..k
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    Whats your dream tank?

    can you buy that for me? :look:
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    I just got some new fish!

    I got some cichlids i havn't had em before.. i got 2 dempys and 2 fire mouths it's a 30 gal tank .. i have a question now would parrot fish be fine in that tank with them?
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    Whats your dream tank?

    HAHAHa thats awsome these are all like good tanks I WANT EM ALL !!! and get all the fish that would be soo awsome :hey:
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    gouramis and betta

    yeah that would be bad.. but it would look very cool and would look nice if there was a breed of beta and gourami that would be the most coolest looking fish proably
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    Whats your dream tank?

    Mine would be a 100 gal or bigger or like 7 50 gal tanks in one room with all sorts of fish in these tanks... i know it's broad i just can't think right now... but i'll get back to you on it.. so whats your dream tank?
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    What would think the best PH level should be?

    Ok thanks... i was't sure but now i know :cool:
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    What would think the best PH level should be?

    What level do you think is best for PH level that most fish thrive in ? Right now my new tank is on 7.6
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    Welcome ONCE YOU START the HOBBY YOU NEVER STOP IT"S LIKE AN ADDICTION see your back to it so ya. YES lot's of a good info here and good people too :D
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    neons disappearing very quickly

    The protecting egg part i am not very sure cause the swordtails are livebearers... how long ha the tank been goin... Neons don't doi well in new tanks...