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  1. techen

    Dead biopod to perhaps a heavily planted fishtank

    Been keen lately to get back into planted fish tank, Since biopod went bankrupt I stripped my biopod and am perhaps interested in converting it to half and half.
  2. techen

    Dead biopod to perhaps a heavily planted fishtank

    Am amazed anyone remembers me XD
  3. techen

    Dead biopod to perhaps a heavily planted fishtank

    More to come if I can find the time nowdays :P
  4. techen

    180 Litre ideas

    Hi Trix, With a 180l tank you can do quite a fair bit better with stocking in numbers :3 X5 Panda Corys I'd rise this to around 10, Though I know they arent cheap. The more there are the less shy they get. X10 Neon Netras, Common fish. Personally I don't like them, Prone to Neon tetra disease...
  5. techen

    Techens 120l Planted tanky tank

    Another update, Got my CO2 FE for 10 quid off gumtree. Grabbed a Solenoid/two gauge reg off ebay for 44 quid too. So total cost of CO2 Kit for me was 60 quid for 2kg. I'll be going high tech once everything comes.
  6. techen

    Techens 120l Planted tanky tank

    Still messing with the scape abit and the floodlight LED is insanely bright :V 28 quid for 50w, 6300k. Am going to study plant growth. It should have better pen over the T5 lights in the tank and produce way better light over the T5s too. If all goes well I might go for twin 50W = 100w of pure...
  7. techen

    Techens 120l Planted tanky tank

    Ja, It is and thanks. Didn't know you still lurked around here, Nice too see ya
  8. techen

    Plant bulb

    I just ment the beam with that light is more fitting for a room,You'd be far better with a spotlight/floodlight if you wanna do the cheap. 50W floodlight is going to produce way more light than that bulb at half the wattage. But if your mind is set on that bulb then go for it, Donno if it works...
  9. techen

    Plant bulb

    Thats not gonna be very effective purely due to its design and output. Have you ever looked into DIY floodlight set up?
  10. techen

    Techens 120l Planted tanky tank

    So, Am back after a long break and a house move later. Bought a nice little 120l Juwel cube that was on sale, Went straight to painting the back and sides, Threw in my fav substrate and just made a mess of the landscape just to get a foot in the door. I promise for a better looking...
  11. techen

    Betta Tank Sizing

    The above comment is right, Giving the fish even more space is only a good thing. No such thing as a tank too big :P
  12. techen

    Quarantine tank

    The idea would be to get two filters, When you want to run the quarantine tank you can transfer some of your media from your main tank to the QT. Do not transfer it back, Bin it. 1. Normally is never needed, Perhaps with marine due to fish cost but most good fish stores will always QT there...
  13. techen

    Ctenopoma acutirostre not eating.

    What was it fed before? Spitting out bloodworms doesn't mean hes not eating them. Its just a thing fish do :P
  14. techen

    Reformed plant butcherer attempting to make good on ignorant beginnings

    I've been in the planted tanks since I joined the forum back in 2012. I'll start by saying most plant failures occur with lack of lighting. These leds strips or bars look bright and sound great on paper but there nowhere near providing light that plants require. The more advanced and hard the...
  15. techen

    Help with neon tetras!

    White fluffy stuff can be a bacteria infection or the dreaded NTD For more information on NTD I suggest you see : I'd also like to chip in and say that the tank mates wont work. Simply too overcrowded Starting with the catfish...
  16. techen

    Old member returning

    Welcome back dude :3
  17. techen

    Please help

    The best way is to let it happen, Let nature take its course however you need to watch your filter wont suck on the fry up, Normally a breeding net would help but it does add some stress for the fish. Up to yourself really, If you wanna keep the fry then go for a breeding net.
  18. techen

    My planted indoor pond.

    I like it, Nice and neat o;l
  19. techen


    Tank size? Sounds like overcrowding , The cichlid will have a tank zone for himself and the more fish you add the more you push into his space so hes just doing whats in his nature and defending it.
  20. techen

    30 ltr Mopani low tech

    Loving the scape buddy, Good stuff. Needs moar water though :P