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    Pregnant guppy?!

    Such sad news. Both Mal and Jayne had passed by the time I got home. I know I did everything right (conditioning, temp, water, salt, stress coat, waited, let them adjust temp. Etc.) I feel bad cause they’d be a alive if I left them in their tank originally I just thought it would be healthier...
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    Pregnant guppy?!

    Maternity ward in my kitchen!!! Turns out I have 3 pregnant fish (2 guppy’s, 1 molly) :eek: moved them to a new tankaway from all males and other fish that may get nervous around the babies.
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    Still new...think my molly is pregnant too?!

    I had no idea! Thank you for educating me! They’re the pug dog of the water Rocky
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    Still new...think my molly is pregnant too?!

    Maybe I’m just paranoid now please don’t be annoyed I have a lot to learn. I think my balloon molly is pregnant as well as my guppy? I’m uneducated. I just got her 2 days ago so don’t have a frame of reference on her personally like I did my guppy. I have removed her from males but realize...
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    Pregnant guppy?!

    Thank you for your responses! Yikes now what do I do with the babies when they’re born?!? EDIT: I went back to the place I got them to get a “maternity tank”. Luckily the girl I got Mal and Jayne from was there and said she’ll take the fry!!!
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    Pregnant guppy?!

    Hi all I’m new to raising fish (2 months maybe?) I was very specific about getting males but turns out the store clerk sold me females (should’ve done a google search one male and female guppy’s ‍♀️) No big deal, mal and Jayne are female so thank god their names were gender neutral however I...
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