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  1. Baccus

    My snails always die

    Another line of inquiry worth considering, is the tank a new tank or a second hand tank? If second hand it could have had medications used in it that are harmful to inverts. Or have you yourself used any medications in the tank? Is the tank planted? If so could the plants have been treated with...
  2. Baccus

    How far will nerites and RCS climb

    My tanks do not have airconditoning either and are in an uninsulated colourbond car shed with concrete floor. In winter my tanks can get quite cold especially if we have some 3 degree cel nights/ mornings. But in summer my tanks are regularly over 30 degrees cel for almost the entire 3 months of...
  3. Baccus

    RCS population

    I have found in a large enough tank shrimp kept with not too predatory fish have their numbers grow fairly steadily especially if the tank is heavily planted. I have not found shrimp kept in these conditions to be like guppies in that no matter how cramped the conditions they keep producing more...
  4. Baccus

    How far will nerites and RCS climb

    I certainly do. Thankfully most of my shrimp tend to stay in the tank, except where I have a large canister filter that one the shrimp just cant resist
  5. Baccus

    How far will nerites and RCS climb

    I personally would not drop the water height, because this will reduce volume while increasing fluctuations of temp in the tank. The shrimp are more than likely getting in to the filter because it has yummy (in their opinion) stuff to eat in there. Also because of the greater water movement...
  6. Baccus

    Where to grow pest snails?

    On a side note if you do set up something as a dedicated snail breeding establishment be sure to feed the snails some good quality food at least once a week and make sure they are getting enough calcium otherwise their shells will be too thin and defeat the purpose of feeding them to puffers...
  7. Baccus

    Little white specs in tank?

    Although copepods and the like may be annoying (if you focus on them instead of the other tank inhabitants) they are actually a sign of a nice healthy tank. They are not really a parasite and are filling a niche eating excess food and some floating algea/ diatoms. Although you said you did not...
  8. Baccus

    Need advice

    When yo say you just use tap water for doing water changes, do you also use some type of chlorine and chloramine remover? If not this could be what is stalling your cycle and throwing things out of whack. In a mature tank there will be beneficial bacteria all over the tank not just in the filter...
  9. Baccus

    Feeling pleased

    I cant wait till I have a whole tank of these living blue jewels, they are really stunning.
  10. Baccus

    Feeling pleased

    I finally decided to sort my Black Cherry Shrimp tank and get out any shrimp that where not black enough. While doing so I also found quite a few lovely Blue Cherry shrimp which are now in their own tank to hopefully breed more stunning Blues.
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  15. Baccus


    I've kept a colony of black worms in a couple of my tanks, great for helping clean up uneaten food and they in turn become food when I move something they have colonised into another tank. My dwarf chain loaches love it when I do add the black worms to their tank. There are both fresh water and...
  16. Baccus

    Can you put grow crystals in a aquarium?

    I would never use one of the grow your own crystal kits in an aquarium simply because there is no sure way of knowing which chemicals where used to create the crystals and the fact that with time the crystals fragment and break apart into tiny shards. I think this list on the following link may...
  17. Baccus

    Effects of feeding on ammonia levels

    With no filteration at all on a small body of water (equal to being an uncycled tank with no plants) I know for a fact even a small bit of algae wafer can quickly foul the water, if you then add some form of live like a snail or two and before you know it the water is truly putrid and the snails...
  18. Baccus

    What is my shrimp doing? Is he/she ok?

    By the looks of things the three cherry shrimp in the picture are all female. Only high grade males will have good solid colour and then the easiest way to sex them is size of the shrimp, adult females are generally larger and plumper with wider pleopods (the part of the shell that covers the...
  19. berried shrimp.JPG

    berried shrimp.JPG

  20. Baccus

    Show us your Shrimp Scrums

    The other day after dropping in the tank some particularly desirable food for the shrimp I got a very lively shrimp scrum with my Australian native shrimp.