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  1. Ellebrius

    Name of plant

    Yes it’s Lobelia Cardinalis.;)
  2. Ellebrius

    Where to Buy Fish?!?!?!?

    Www.Angelfins.Ca They sell lots of fish as well great service and product. Those are from Ontario Except the one that says Quebec.
  3. Ellebrius

    Where to Buy Fish?!?!?!?

    Hello. I live in Quebec and if you give me an idea of what kind fish you want I can recommend some online stores in Quebec and Ontario that ship for 30$ in the Summer. ;)
  4. Ellebrius

    Is this blue green algae

    A bubbler is a great way to increase water flow.:nod:
  5. Ellebrius

    55 Gallon

    My suggestion would be cherry barbs instead of rummynose tetras.
  6. Ellebrius

    55 Gallon

    Hello! Wow! Quite a responsibility to set up the school tank, you must be excited! You need to do a few more things before you start adding fishs. 1. What is your ammonia level? 2. You need to get those nitrates down. 3. Do you have a heater? 4. What kind of filtration do you have? 5. What kind...
  7. Ellebrius

    Is it even possible?

    The anthurium is an epiphythe, it likes to be attached to a substrate and absorb it’s moisture and nutrients from the air, just like an orchid. so it will love to be above your aquarium for the humidity but never have it’s roots in the water.
  8. Ellebrius

    What would you put in this aquarium?

    Yes, you are absolutely correctsorry about that. Off the top of my head for a school of small you have emerald rasboras for hard water.
  9. Ellebrius

    Plant jar tip

    I agree as well. If it was my jar I would get some Seachem Plant and Shrimp substrate and save myself a lot of trouble And have lush plants and happy shrimps.😉
  10. Ellebrius

    Betta fish needs urgent help!

    What are the instructions on the white medicine? You can try upping the temp slowly to around 84F and add aquarium salt (I think it’s 1 tbs per 5 gallon but would have to check to make sure) to start off with and see if that works. If not you will have to medicate.
  11. Ellebrius

    What would you put in this aquarium?

    A small pleco (that stays small) for the bottom. A school of small rasboras or tetras fo the middle. 2 Honey gouramis or one dwarf gourami for the top. Just an idea.
  12. Ellebrius

    Skinny bolivian rams

    Hello! I don’t know anything about worms but I thought I would jump in and tell you about my 2 Bolivian Rams. Mine are females and picky eaters as well, I think it’s a common thing with them. Anyways when I first got them they had me worried for quite a while especially since I have 3 pearl...
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  14. Ellebrius

    Hello to you as well and thank you. Sorry I was away and just saw your message today. I love...

    Hello to you as well and thank you. Sorry I was away and just saw your message today. I love gouramis and I have 2 projects for this year. One is a small tank with only sparkling gouramis and shrimps. The second one is still in planning but I would like something that incluses paradise fish.
  15. Ellebrius

    Riccia fluitans

    Avocados also come in green netting and make great guacamole.
  16. Ellebrius

    Angel fish

    They went to a friend that has a very large tank. It was planned, I wanted to experience having angels and watching them grow which I enjoyed very much. I was very sad to rehome them but now they are happy in a large angelfish only tank.
  17. Ellebrius

    Angel fish

    And here is a picture of the angelfish I rehomed.
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