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  1. NoodleOfDanger0

    Thinking of a new betta strain…

    Have you ever tried Black Orchid to Black Samauri? Or Halfmoon to Crowntail to get Half Suns? I've heard it's hard to get good quality Half Suns though.
  2. NoodleOfDanger0

    Fins seem thin

    I've had several bettas where the fin is more transparent in certain spots and looks like pin holes. I've never had any problems with it. I've only noticed it on them as they get older. My young male isn't a year old yet and doesn't have any but my 3-year-old boy had them for well over a year...
  3. NoodleOfDanger0

    Female Betta with Tank mates

    Female Bettas, honestly, can be just as aggressive as males and sometimes more so. I say keep the bettas on their own, away from other fish, no matter what sex the betta is. Bettas usually need large groups in sororities in order to avoid fighting among them. Someone I knew once said it's either...
  4. NoodleOfDanger0

    Thinking of a new betta strain…

    I think the black orchid x hellboy sounds amazing. I've always thought that black orchids are amazing bettas.
  5. NoodleOfDanger0

    PetsMart Rescue

    Not sure if anyone on here still cares but as someone who used to work there, it was originally "PetsMart" and was rebranded as "PetSmart" Unfortunately, most of us who work there really do care about the animals but some are undereducated (or just care about the money) or have to follow the...
  6. NoodleOfDanger0

    Seeking suggestions for a colorful tank mate(s)

    Have you considered Rainbowfish? Australians are often iridescent and/or multicolored. Turquoises are pretty, and Boesemani's are usually yellow and blue. They can get up to 3-6 inches but are usually able to live peacefully with the fish you already have. Always do your own research, obviously...
  7. NoodleOfDanger0

    White fungus?

    They look like bladder snail or ramshorn snail eggs. Both are considered to be pest snails by most hobbyists. If you've never asked for one, it was probably in with your fish.
  8. NoodleOfDanger0

    New cory problems

    The one that is swimming but not schooling, might be stressed from having been unwell or it might not like the other cories. I had one that just hated other cory catfish. I had a school of 5 other cories for him to hang out with and a golden Chinese algae eater in the tank and my cory would swim...
  9. IMG_20220704_161654989.jpg


  10. NoodleOfDanger0

    Betta was stuck

    Stress was another common option. I really hope it's nothing serious and that he get better soon!
  11. NoodleOfDanger0

    Betta was stuck

    You said he was stuck right? This mentions injury causing the skin to turn white which in turn makes the scales look white but time will heal this. It also talks about their food and diet causing this. Other Options: Fungal...
  12. NoodleOfDanger0

    Betta was stuck

    I hope yours makes it! I'm trying to find anything else that might help!
  13. NoodleOfDanger0

    Betta was stuck

    I've seen the pattern/color change in a past betta. Yours looks like he has white patches coming in but it's not fuzz, it's just his scales changing color. Would you say that is an accurate description of what's happening to your guy? With my betta, he had started out the same color as yours...
  14. NoodleOfDanger0

    Can someone please ID this fish for me?

    He's probably about 3 years old. They usually reach full grown at about 5 years of age. He will create a lot of poop and you will have to stay on top of cleaning. Common Plecos are not really known for helping clean the tank either.
  15. NoodleOfDanger0

    Can snails lay eggs on lazy fish????

    My nerites laid eggs and my cories would try to eat them and swim away with several stuck to them. I doubt the snail actually laid the egg on the cory, more likely the cory picked it up when swimming through the moss that is covered in eggs.
  16. NoodleOfDanger0

    I bought this albino brittle nose at 2”. Now she is 13” and lives in my pond. With the regular size Pleco’s.Is this the elusive albino pleco?shes HUGE

    From the pictures, it doesn't look like she has bristles yet. Bristlenose Plecos get their bristles at around 6 months old and will only really get to be 5-7 inches so it's definitely not a Bristlenose Pleco. I'd say she probably is an albino common pleco.
  17. NoodleOfDanger0

    Can someone please ID this fish for me?

    It's a Common Pleco that can get upwards of 2 ft long as an adult. they grow to be 3-5 inches long by the time they are a year old.
  18. NoodleOfDanger0

    Betta with a lump under his chin

    It could be a tumor or an abscess. The picture shows that he has tank mates who may be fighting with him. Even though the rasboras aren't known for being aggressive, they might retaliate if he flares his gills at them and chases them. Also, with the sticks and such, he might have gotten poked...
  19. NoodleOfDanger0

    Good snails to clean the tank but look nice.

    Mine have all been the ones that are hitchhikers and are half an inch as adults. I'd recommend mystery snails since they are pretty good at keeping the tank clean and as long as you have several they should breed with no help. They also get to be a decent size. My personal favorite snail type.
  20. NoodleOfDanger0

    My Bala shark is Spasming?!

    I've done 4 weeks in the past for my snails and I still got ick in the tank. I replace the carbon in the filter. By deep cleaning the rocks, I mean removing the gravel and washing it. I remove my fish because my fish are dumb and will sit underneath where I'm putting rocks. When I do a surface...