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  1. Utar

    Aggressive dangerous dog in my neighborhood.

    All my pets are neutered. Except for my two kittens which have a date with the vet to do that as soon as they are of age.
  2. Utar

    Counting Bacteria - wouldn't it be nice....

    This is all way above my head but very interesting all the same. I have a theory that the bacteria that thrive in an aquatic environments also live in other mediums like air, but maybe not in the abundance found in an aquatic environment. My first tank was a ten gallon with a few tetras and...
  3. Utar

    Random Discussion

    My aquariums are a mess, just yesterday I finally found the time to clean everything and change the water. It has been over three weeks since I had taken care of my fish tanks. Before that it had been another three weeks when I did a fast water change on the tanks. On July the sixteenth my...
  4. Utar

    Aggressive dangerous dog in my neighborhood.

    I its been awhile since I posted. Although I called Animal Control and was told they don't work out in my area, I was advised to call the Sheriff. A Sheriff's Deputy talked to me saying there are no lease laws are any other kinda of law he could act on. So I found I was on my own dealing with...
  5. Utar

    Random Discussion

    This Barn Owl Baby Just Heard Thunder for the First Time | Wildlife Moments
  6. Utar

    Where Your Pet Fish Live in the Wild—DIVE INTO THE AMAZON RAINFOREST!

    Very interesting video on youtube. The video has taught me things about ph that I did not know.
  7. Utar

    Being a successful fish keeper can bring its own set of problems

    It sounds like a great idea, but I have never sold anything through ebay, amazon, etc. Then there is the matter of shipping life aquatic animals and keeping them alive, never done that before either. How much to charge and how to guarantee the shipment will arrive alive and healthy. Probably...
  8. Utar

    Being a successful fish keeper can bring its own set of problems

    I guess one can say I have been successful because I have three generations of bristle nose plecostomus with a guess of around fifty plus baby plecos that I don't know what to do with. Also my amazon sword plants have runners with about a dozen small baby plants. I have as of yet found a pet...
  9. Utar

    Anti bacterial treatment

    Yes of course, but it is just the same basic question of adding chemicals when dealing with bacteria or algae. Chemicals should not be used until all other avenues for solving the problem have been exhausted. You talked about not maintaining the tank for four weeks, even in a fishless tank some...
  10. Utar

    Gourami Lethargic Overnight

    I am so sorry about this, but in my opinion there is nothing that you can do to save him. Dwarf Gourami being one of the most popular fish in the aquarium industry are over breed, with weak immune systems. I have tried two different dwarf gourami in the past and both died very early. So I...
  11. Utar

    Maybe a stupid question, do fish have to breed with their own specie? Lol

    I don't have a clue except to point out that there are several hybrids very popular in the aquarium industry. These hybrids are not natural and created by breeders using different species. Flowerhorn is one that comes to mind.
  12. Utar

    Is my guppy pregnant and do anyone know when she would be ready to give birth I’m new to this?

    Welcome to the forum. :hi: I am not a guppy person, but in my humble opinion she looks ready to give birth. But wait and get others opinions.
  13. Utar

    Anti bacterial treatment

    There is another thread started here similar to your question about using something to kill algae if it will also kill moss balls. Don't use meds at this time. Just clean the tank really good and do water changes more often. You can take the moss balls out of your tank and gently squeeze them in...
  14. Utar

    Would this anti hair algae product kill my moss balls?

    Not sure about that, can you post a picture of the hair algae. If it is the same type I had in my tank it was easy to get rid of without dosing it with algae killer. I just kept sucking it out using a gravel vac and in time it disappeared.
  15. Utar

    40 gallon tank

    I like the background on your tank.
  16. Utar

    How did you start fishkeeping and what keeps you going

    Sorry to hear about losing your parents, my parents are gone. Mom died from dementia and it is a horrible way to die. Dad died because he just didn't want to live any longer. Dad's mind was still clear and sharp, but he had kidney failure and hated dialysis, so after Mom died he just gave up...
  17. Utar


    Good luck with it and let us know how it turns out after restarting the entire process with the ten gallon.
  18. Utar


    I guess mysterious deaths in fish can happen. But if I where to guess and reading where you say that the fish never really acted or looked good from day one in their new tank, there was some kind of contaminant in that tank that killed them. Whatever it is it was, the contaminant was there from...
  19. Utar

    Random Discussion

    Wow he is big enough to eat the whole bottle, cap and all.
  20. Utar

    Random Discussion

    This is amazing: Watch as two bees work together to unscrew the cap of a soda bottle.