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  1. Ryan028

    Crypts For Sale

    You still got these?
  2. Ryan028

    10 X Crypts 5 Green And 5 Brown

    how much you looking including postage? 
  3. Ryan028

    10 X Crypts 5 Green And 5 Brown

  4. Ryan028

    10 X Crypts 5 Green And 5 Brown

    these still for sale?
  5. Ryan028

    Plant Donations

    also some stargrass if anyone has some cuttings
  6. Ryan028

    Plant Donations

    any body got some amazon frogbit there looking rid of could you pm me please
  7. Ryan028

    6 X 10 Inch Stems Of Hygrophila Angustifolia £3.50 Inc P+P!

    i will take these pm me your paypal
  8. Ryan028

    Eheim Jager 100W Heater

    Have for sale a eheim jager 100w heater suitable for aquariums 100 litres to 150 litres. Hardly used came with my ehiem tank only used to cycle it then i upgraded to a external heater. Missing one suction cup easily replaced   £14 posted        
  9. Ryan028

    Amazon Frogbit X15

    Still for sale?
  10. Ryan028

    Plants For Sale Surrey

    Would you take £20 delivered?
  11. Ryan028

    Huge Amount Of Equipment, Inc Led Lighting, Tanks, Plants & Co2.

    Would you take 25 posted for the dragon rock?
  12. Ryan028

    Redmoor Wood, Large

    this still for sale?
  13. Ryan028

    Anubias Spp.

    these sold?
  14. Ryan028

    Wanted: Staurogyne Repens

    yeah was after a bit more
  15. Ryan028

    Wanted: Staurogyne Repens

    looking for some Staurogyne Repens for my new scape
  16. Ryan028

    Advice On Dirt

    How long was it Primous till you added fish to your setup?
  17. Ryan028

    Advice On Dirt

    Heading to the local fish store tomorrow to look at sand or fine gravel. I have plenty of time to do this not going to rush it
  18. Ryan028

    Advice On Dirt

    I have two bags of play sand here that i bought last summer that be ok?   Was out earlier and bought john innes 2 and 3. Which would work best heard off both being used?
  19. Ryan028

    Advice On Dirt

      What soil did you use?   Was going to use sand as i looking to create a amazon look to the tank and i have group of corys.
  20. Ryan028

    Advice On Dirt

    Is there a way that you have to prepare the soil before adding it to the tank?