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  1. shawsharp

    May/ June 2014 - Tank Of The Month Competition Entries

    i am new to this competitions please let me know where to submit my entry
  2. shawsharp

    New Member But Avid Keeper

      to the TFF. Hoep you will enjoy here with evryone!!   I love fish but i do not have any yet. Always think of kepping   Would love to see your tank and fish
  3. shawsharp

    Hi New To The Forum And In Need Of Help

    Hey scubbasteve!!     to the Forum.
  4. shawsharp

    Get Well Soon Two Tank Amin

    bahhh!!! Sorry to hear TTA   get well soon !!
  5. shawsharp


    Hey Starfishy   to this tropical forum..   This is friendly forum to share your fish tank problems.
  6. shawsharp

    Horror Movies Related To Fish?

    i have watched only piranha
  7. shawsharp

    Spooookyyy Fish

    hey, thats nice, please share if you can when all done
  8. shawsharp

    How Did Google Manage To Degrade Their Search Engine?

    Well!! I am trying to explain hope it would help you. Google is trying to giove relevant searches to users (only information). If you will type to buy something it will show either adverts or amazon or ebay link on the top. Otherwise it will show only information about whatever you are searching...
  9. shawsharp

    Hi, New Fishkeeper

    Hi   Its a little bit late from my side but anyways   to the TFF, its the right place you can share your problem regarding your   tank...
  10. shawsharp

    Hello To Everyone!

      to  TF forum Panos!!
  11. shawsharp

    Help! What's Wrong With Zazu?

    Hi   Fish fins got affected by either by ammonia or bacterial problem. You have another fish in your tank, separate affected fish as they can be affected also. Put the affected one in a bowl and treat with salt or fish medicine after then put it back to your tank.   Thanks Shaw
  12. shawsharp

    Hello There

    Hi     to the forum.   Nice fish name Skittles
  13. shawsharp

    String Algae

    Algae grows due to acessive nutrients (fish waste, fish food, ferts etc) and light due to photosynthesis. So when your water gets favorable conditions algae grows again. Avoid light or you can also use chemical to decrease nutrients so that algae can't grow up.
  14. shawsharp

    How Long

    Too much ammonia in your fish tank can build up and be potentially hazardous to aquatic life. Ammonia normally comes from the metabolic waste excreted by fish in your tank therefore the overfeeding of fish in your tank or lack of adequate biological filtration can exacerbate the problem. In...
  15. shawsharp

    Hii I Am Shaw Sharp

    Thanks   Thanks Thanks..   i used some barley straw extrats but water is still Green they told me it will clear pond with in a week.
  16. shawsharp

    Hii I Am Shaw Sharp

    Hii   If pond goes green and filter are there what drug to use to clean pond.   many thanks
  17. shawsharp

    Is This Algae?

    I think algae is growing in your tank.. it looks like fungii