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    Should I Clean The Carbon In My Sponge Filter?

    True that. Once the carbon pores have become filled, it is useless as a filter media. I only use it when the water is especially cloudy and haven't had a problem with fish suddenly dying because there is no carbon in the filter.
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    Is This Fish Suitable?

    he should be fine in your tank. A rainbow shark is a little less aggressive if you like a fish with a little more red, but ya, I don't see a problem
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    Room For One More...?

    Nah, I think you'd be cutting it pretty close with adding any more fish to the list. Good luck with your new tank!
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    Pink Kissing Gouramis

    You could always start off 2 fish with a length of 2 inches in a spare 10g tank if you have one (and the room) but eventually you will need a bigger tank... or you could give them up to trade for 2 young ones again :)
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    Astatotilapia Latifasciata Zebra Obliquidens

    I'm just curious as to what your LFS is charging for a 4 inch "Astatotilapia latifasciata" aka Zebra Obliquidens. My LFS was charging $22 for ones that were 2" long- I think that is kind of steep but maybe that's what they are worth?
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    The higher K rating is more blue in colour. Think of it like a rainbow. Blue is on top- with a higher K rating. Lower down on the rainbpw you get the warm reds and yellow colours and lower K ratings.
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    Could Someone Help Me?

    Tank mates include neon tetras, glowlight tetras, cories, angelfish. But if you are going with tank makes, get a bigger tank than a 15g, even a 20g would be better to accommodate more fish.
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    Still Trying To Decide On What Fish To Get.

    I wouldn't even go there. But there is still room for a few more fish. What about torpedo barbs or gold barbs to balance off the blues and grays? Or are you sticking to the biotope idea?
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    Alright, so it is a no go then... alright, now to find a new home for the aratus :P
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    I have a 36us gallon tank with one male Aratus in it (he is about 4 years old now). I have tried to keep other Africans with him but found that he would chase them to death despite the many hide-outs in the tank. So I have decided to keep only other aratus with him. I am wondering how many can...
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    Chichlid Tank And Algae

    The tank is stocked with: 2 electric blue 1 phillabornia marmalade 2 peacock ‘red shoulder’ 1 Gephyrochromis moori 4 accei But maybe I should just tell her to reduce the lighting.
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    Chichlid Tank And Algae

    So a 5" bristle nose would be ok- the 'whiskers' won't be eaten off?
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    Chichlid Tank And Algae

    My cousin's 30gallon (US) tank has a fluorescent light and is growing brown algae. What fish would eat the algae and survive the African cichlids living in it?
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    I Found Some Nice Pieces Of Driftwood

    You must be certain that the wood is free from pollutants but other than that what I do is soak it in vinegar water (one side at a time if you can't get all of it in the bucket) for a day. After that I boil it for 3 hours to kill any bad stuffs and to start getting rid of the tannins. Then I let...
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    Might Be Gettin Another Tank *free*

    Yah, just have standing water in the tank for 30 mins and check the corners of the tank on the outside to make sure it does not leak. Tanks that have been sitting out for a while I wash out in vinegar. Have fun!
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    Submersable Heater Under Gravel

    Well since this thread statred, I have dug a trench, placed the heater in and lightly covered in with gravel to hide it. The temp in my tank has remained a constant 24*F and nothing unusual has ocurred. I let you know when something goes wrong- and if it does, I know I should have listened to...
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    Peat As A Substrate?

    Yah just make sure you get 'pond grade' or 'aquarium grade' or the peat will not be strong enough to lower the pH value in the tank. (the darker coloured the peat is the better it is for fish use!)
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    Is This Overstocked?

    Nope, you are good to go.
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    Green Freshwater Pipefish

    From Freshwater pipefish Ichthyocampus carce Max. size: 15.0 cm Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: west coast of India to Indonesia. Biology: Inhabits relatively still waters (Ref. 12693). Most frequently...
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    Submersable Heater Under Gravel

    I am a little concerned about the hot spots diademhill mentioned so maybe I'll use your trench idea Iron Man