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  1. Dopatri


    Oh no 😞 I never thought of that. I did wonder at first though if it was something to do with the new sponges if there was some sort of chemical on them or something from when they were manufactured? But then I thought surely not. Who knows, maybe I did have something on my hands at the time but...
  2. Dopatri


    Hi everyone. I’m absolutely baffled as to what is going on with my fish. I have two tanks, one for guppies and one for guppy fry. I bought two new filters to put in my tanks yesterday, so I kept the original filters in the tanks, and just added the new filters as well. Anyway, I noticed a few...
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  6. Dopatri

    HELP! My Betta is close to death!

    UPDATE: Unfortunately my fish passed away shortly after posting this. I did however take some gorgeous shots of her scales. I’m absolutely in awe of the photos. They look majestic, at least I can remember her by looking at these photos. I want to share them with you. My female Betta isn’t...
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  9. Dopatri

    Guppy still pregnant after giving birth?

    Yeah she mustn’t have finished, she sure is keeping me waiting for the next arrivals though. Haha
  10. Dopatri

    Guppy still pregnant after giving birth?

    Wow, I did not know this is a thing with Guppies. Amazing!
  11. Dopatri

    Is my Balloon Molly fry suffering?

    Definitely, I had no clue they were deformed when I got them. I just thought that was what they were meant to look like. So I was so disappointed when I find this out. Yes I agree! I feel bad for buying them, because I unknowingly supported this practise by doing so. But at least I am giving...
  12. Dopatri

    Is my Balloon Molly fry suffering?

    Yes unfortunately I found out about why balloon mollies have that unique look due to deformities, weeks after I bought them. I had no clue about them when I got them, I just thought this was what they were meant to look like. So I was sad and disappointed when I found out. But I am just glad...
  13. Dopatri

    Is my Balloon Molly fry suffering?

    The fry I made the post about is still living, however I lost 1 of its siblings (which appeared healthy) which I find interesting. I’m starting to wonder if perhaps this particular fry is just not as developed as the others, as it is noticeably smaller. Kind of like the runt of the litter? If...
  14. Dopatri

    Guppy still pregnant after giving birth?

    My Guppy gave birth to 6 fry around a week ago. The fry are doing very well and all have survived so far. But I swear my guppy is still pregnant! Is this a normal thing for Guppies? She still has a round belly and I swear I can see some fry in there if I look closely near her gravid spot. You...
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  18. Dopatri

    Are my female Bettas trying to mate?

    Apologies! Just trying to have some light hearted fun. Meant no offence by it.
  19. Dopatri

    Is my Balloon Molly fry suffering?

    Damn. Nature is one cruel mistress.. I suppose only time will tell with this one. I’m not completely getting my hopes up but I’m still going to try my best with it! I’m learning everyday with this, as I’m fairly new to the hobby.