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    Malawi Cichlids

    Thank you for the response. Would a 123 litre be suitable for them at full maturity?
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    Malawi Cichlids

    Hello All, I have recently inherited 4 Malawi Cichlids from a friend who could not accommodate them. I have had them for a month now and were originally around 1.5 inches. I’ve seen some growth maybe the largest one not far off 2 inches, but not quite. However I’m currently keeping them within...
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    German Blue Ram - First Fish

    would you be able to advise any particular fish around 3-4 inches, suitable for this temperature?
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    German Blue Ram - First Fish

    I have recently entered the hobby, purchasing a Aquapod 56litre aquarium. Which I have included some small plants and larger rocks. I have cycled my tank and has the local fish store confirmed the conditions were now suitable for my first fish. I decided to go for a German Blue Ram although I...
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