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    Hi Everyone

    Hi and welcome to the TFF
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    Lets See The Flowers

    I dont have a green thumb so here is one of the neighbours
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    Reverse Osmosis

    For freash water aquariums RO is not really needed, Howeer i have a RO system on my FW aquarium. This has helped me do water changes and keep the water hardness down. Again however I have a 780l tank with a 200l sump. You must see if the cost is worth it. I have built an over flow system into...
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    however einstein did say that worm holes are possible. however i will e dead before we will be able to prove it.
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    Plantation Of A 780 Litre (171 (uk) Gallons Or 206 (us) Gallon Tank) P

    ok so here are the latest pictures of the aquarium since the plantation. so its now two weeks and the tank has really growen out.
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    All My Fish Are At The Top Of My Tank

    your tank is lacking oxygen, you need to 1 of two things. 1. airstone 2. if you have a pump that shoots water out. aim the head to breach the water. this will cause oxygen to get into the water.
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    Aviery Rescue Centre

    well i have found out that i dont need any documentation for this so i get under way. Im going to do some research first and I think I may need to lay paving stones first
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    Co2 Regulators

    I ahve a solinoid on my kit and it works great with the computer. but i dont see a computer on his setup so the only way that it would work is if he has a timer and the timer is set to go on over a time period then off for a set time. with a computer you set the ph level (High /low) then it...
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    Co2 Regulators

    well due to me making my aquarium with cement it is pushing my PH up to 7.8 - 8.1 pH. so i am using peat and co2 to lower it. but i am a bit miffed because the CO2 is just to expencive and im going through 3 months worth of co2 in a week. So i have gone to a friend of mine who runs a pub and...
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    Long Free Tank

    the language is dutch not german but from the people in the netherlands. (holland) and i dont think that he will know that for the staes and he lives here in the netherlands
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    Long Free Tank

    I looked into it and I was thinking i could do that but i love trout and they would probably be eaten with in a few weeks. I really want the tank but my girlfriend wants the money to go on holiday. so if i can find a way to get i delivered for free then im sorted.
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    Plantation Of A 780 Litre (171 (uk) Gallons Or 206 (us) Gallon Tank) P

    ill take a few more pictures tomorrow and post them. Cant do it now as the fish are sleeping But it has really growen out in the last two weeks. i will have to crop some plants in the next few days.
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    Long Free Tank

    well i could get it and chuck tones of plans in it and have only a few guppies in it and then time it to see how long it takes for the tank to become over stocked :) wow we could do a lottery. :)
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    "interesting" Question..

    LOL :lol: :lol: :lol: :good: :good: :good: so funny
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    High Nitrates

    you can also buy a material called nitrex. you can put it in a bag and place it into a sump filter if you have one. or if you have an external pump it will fit into the exteral pump. How ever this is only a temp solution . Max 6 months so it is an idea to follow some of the other posts As andy...
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    Pics I Just Took Tonight

    nice tanks.. that orange headed thing looks like my head feals on a saturday morning
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    World Cup

    well we still won with one of our own goals :) :hey: :hey: :lol: :hyper: :shout:
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    Show Me Your Car!

    Here is my Seat Leon
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    World Cup

    Hello i will go for The Netherlands to win. Well i have to do this as i live here. I dont think the USA have a chance.. well maybe the same a tongo.. :) I dont think the US team will win for quite some time until it gets more popular than the puff version of rugby union that they play...