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    Fish Death Emargancy

    She was 3 years old. Amonia : 0 Nitrite : 0 Nitrate : 0 PH : 7.5
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    Fish Death Emargancy

    The oldest platy in my tank (3) just died does that mean all the other fish will to. She was quite plump and had red gills even though she was yellow. Any feed back will help plz. 1 platy Female (now) 1 Swordtail platy (male) 7 Tetra (mixed)
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    Thx so im likly to get little hybrid fry.
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    I have breed Platys but not swordies so im wanting to try hybriding.
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    I just got a sword tail platy (male) and i would like to make it breed with my 2 platys (Female). I know it is possible but wat is the best way to make it happen apart from take them both out the tank. 40L tank 7 Tetra (mix) 1 Swordie (Male) 2 platy (Female)
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    Somebody Help Me.i Want To Know What Fish Is This.

    The spots could be ich. my fish have had it a little treatment should clear it up but try just everyday for a week a 30% water change
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    Cross Breeding Posibility

    Thx guys ill let u know if he mates or she gives birth. I want them to mate so wat should i do. I have had Fry before but they all died and the mother did 2.
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    Possible Ich

    Yeah me too hope the fish get healthy quick. All fish have ich to a degree but when they r stressed it shows and increases in level but it soon dies back down again. You can treat the water aswell but if not all the fish have the ich then try not to.
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    Fish Mortality

    Once the fish have astablished there place in the pecing order of the tank they will be fine. Is it males, Females or a mix of both. and how big is your tank. sometimes death can come from diseases you cant see.
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    Guppy Has A Puffy Eye?

    Just keep puting the medication in the tank cos if u keep doing a 50% water change u take out more of the med than put in. instead do a 30%. 40L Tank 1 male Sword tale platy 2 female platy 7 mixed tetras
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    Cross Breeding Posibility

    I just got a new Sword tail platy and it seems to be trying to impress the 2 female platys is there a chance they will mate. I have a 40L tank and 7 tetra with them.
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    Pregnant Platy Emergancy

    Amonia 0.25 Nitrate 0.25 thx so much for all the posts ill try to get a pic on
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    Are Honey Sunset Gouramis As Delicate As Dwarf Gouramis?

    how big is your tank and what fish do u have in it and yeah try to get 1 male and 2-3 females
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    Help Id The Eel

    It was a 97% common spiny eel but as he said it could easly be 1 of them the common spiny eel grows to about 15-20 inches so is quite big how big is your tank and what do u have in it probibly*
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    Pregnant Platy Emergancy

    i cant tell if my platy is pregnant or ill so i really need to know if whats happening plz plz plz help? She is getting bloted only on the bottom of the stomuch but it is only down not to the side Molly( Female) 2 platy ( Females) i just got the fish about 1 week ago so it is posable that...
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    Pregnant Platy

    Is this pregnant. sos pic wont work
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    Nitrite Emergency?

    Try adding some more of the cycle and if that doesnt work it might be a fault with the test (But unlikly) Send me more info and ill try to help bye 4 now