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    Golden rams staying at bottom of the tank

    I am probably just being over paranoid 🙈 I just want to make sure I’m doing everything right
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    Golden rams staying at bottom of the tank

    Both my golden rams are staying at the bottom of the tank. Water parameters are fine They’ve been in there for 2 weeks The temp has dropped slightly down to 76 since doing a water change yesterday. Could this be the problem? Heater is coming on periodically but temp doesn’t seem to be coming...
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    I think my gourami might be injured

    I have ordered some floating plants as I had some great advise here a few days ago! I just wish the people at the shop we more helpful! I also had a nightmare with my filter today. Internal filter appeared to stop working (it’s new!!!) Luckily I had an external filter ready to go. I added a...
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    I think my gourami might be injured

    Hi It looks exactly the same to me. Photos attached, I bought them at the same time from the same tank at the shop. Tank is 120litres My plan is to get 3 Cory more but with it being a new tank I was worried about adding too many fish at once. I think they are peppered Cory
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    I think my gourami might be injured

    Oh and only noticed it this morning
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    I think my gourami might be injured

    Tank has been set up for 2.5 months. Fish have been in there for 4 weeks. This particular fish I got 1 week ago 2 gourami 3 Cory 3 platty (loads of babies) Shrimp Assassin snails
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    I think my gourami might be injured

    Please see photo, is there anything I can do to help?! Sorry photo is best I could get
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    Baby fish problem!

    I’ve decided we are going to remove the female but it’s going to be tricky making sure all the babies are out as well 🙈
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    Baby fish problem!

    I have bought a background, I’m busy waiting for my partner to stick it on. Do I need some sort of air stone for this? Can you please recommended something? I’ve had a look but I’m unsure what I would need Thank you