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  1. Bugdozer

    how many Gouramis can I have in a 40ltr tank

    Which can be compensated for by decent planting/decor which breaks up the sight lines and allows hiding places. A 200l tank would be useless if it's sparsely decorated so the fish can see each other the whole time.
  2. Bugdozer

    Completely new.. what fish do I get?

    Don't get tiger barbs. The internet is chock full of people making forum posts about how their tiger barbs are too aggressive. I don't understand why anyone keeps them.
  3. Bugdozer

    how many Gouramis can I have in a 40ltr tank

    Would you care to elaborate on why?
  4. Bugdozer

    Shrimp to live with mollies

    I have a tank with some mollies in it, and am looking for recommendations of shrimp species that would be good with them. Amanos (which I have had before) would be fine as they're big enough not to be eaten, but I was wondering if there are any other species that would be good... most aquarium...
  5. Bugdozer

    Pregnant Amano?

    I've tried deliberately breeding Amanos, largely out of stubbornness because people said it was almost impossible to do successfully! The zoes need to gradually have their salinity raised over 24 hours if I remember correctly, if you just dump them into saline as soon as they hatch they will...
  6. Bugdozer

    how many Gouramis can I have in a 40ltr tank

    I would dispute some of the advice offered in this thread. As long as you have a decent filter, a 40l tank will have no trouble keeping your ammonia and nitrite levels at zero with just three dwarf gouramis in it. They aren't fish that need to dash up and down a lot, like zebra danios, so they...
  7. Bugdozer

    Humane Way To Give Fish Away

    You want to house serpaes (known for their fin nipping) with tiger barbs (known for their fin nipping)? Probably not good.
  8. Bugdozer

    Aggressive Amano Shrimp

    They're definitely amanos. I've had them for a few years now with no problems, but it's since they've started sharing the tank with fish that are smaller or the same size as them that the problem has surfaced. Previously they co-habited with black phantom tetras, x-ray tetras and platies in a...
  9. Bugdozer

    Aggressive Amano Shrimp

    I had unexplained vanishing celestial pearl danios in my tank, and panda cories dropping dead for no apparent reason (but always the smaller ones). Then today we saw an amano shrimp not only capture a danio, but also attack one of the cories. So now I know where the vanishing danios went, and I...
  10. Bugdozer

    "blotchy" Black Phantom

    This turned  out to be fish TB in the end. :(
  11. Bugdozer

    Tank Seeding

    I can't move the filter media from the damaged tank, because it's a possible reservoir of fish TB infection. The sponge is coming from a third tank which I am currently housing axolotls in. What happened is this: 1. Fish in the tank started dying of what I'm pretty sure is fish TB. 2. When there...
  12. Bugdozer

    Tank Seeding

    If I want to start up a new tank by seeding it with some crud-covered filter sponge from another tank, how much sponge will I need? A big chunk or just a small section? Of course I'm not going to then immediately put a whole load of fish in there, but I'll have to put a couple in or the bacteria...
  13. Bugdozer

    How To Do Amano Shrimp Breeding

    One thing I should note from my own attempt to breed amanos... taking the female out into her own little quarantine tank resulted in her dropping all the eggs before they were ready to hatch, possibly a stress thing? Even though she had another shrimp for company and places to hide. They're damn...
  14. Bugdozer

    Hatchet Fish Horror.

    I don't think metronidazole is sold freely in the UK - it's an antibiotic used in human medicine and if it gets flushed out into the environment in old fish tank water it increases the speed with which resistant bacteria are likely to develop. Hence, we have restrictions on its use.
  15. Bugdozer

    Wood Removal Following Disease In Tank?

    Thanks for the biology lesson, of which I was already aware. I apologise for using the "casual" term to refer to my fish having Mycobacterium marinum infection, and I note that you have offered no help to my question of whether the piece of wood might act as a vector if put into a new tank...
  16. Bugdozer

    Dirt Sub-Substrate

    I've had a soil layer at the bottom of my tank; all my rooted plants except one have died (and that one is now fairly ropey) while my non-rooted plants have gone from strength to strength. When I next set up a tank I'm not going to bother with soil.
  17. Bugdozer

    Wood Removal Following Disease In Tank?

    I have had many fish in my tank die gradually, and I think it has been because of fish TB. Additionally, two developed weird swimming problems - one seemed to be paralysed down one side and swam with its body in a curve, another would skulk around and then do mad somersaults. All afflicted fish...
  18. Bugdozer

    Sound Matrix

    This is brilliant!
  19. Bugdozer


    Banksy isn't just one person. That's why you never see who he is. Banksy is a construct invented by three art students from Brighton many years ago, two of which are still active doing the actual art (or to give it its proper title, graffiti). My brother is friends with the third member of...
  20. Bugdozer

    Worm In Tank

    Thanks for the info. I have looked these up and it does appear to be that.