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    Starting guppy breeding. Help please :)

    I have heard guppy breeders say you need 8 tanks per strain if you want to do it right. If you let them "free breed" the line will deteriorate and lose much color. To breed properly you need a breeding tank, a tank to raise the babies, a tank to raise males you want to keep, a tank to raise...
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    What kind of angel fish is this???

    That's what it is, a Silver Veil. No Altum indeed.
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    Bristlenose genetics

    Longfin gene is dominant. Depends on if the longfin has one or two doses of the gene. If one you will get 50% short fin and 50% long fin. If two you will get all long fin.
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    egg cleaning for corydoras

    No need to do water changes on eggs. Only reason to do water changes on eggs is to get the methelyne blue out before the fry hatch. I let fry hatch in the Fungus clear then start water changes. Have never seen any harm to fry even after 1- 2 day exposure. I've never seen any evidence of harm...
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    egg cleaning for corydoras

    You can use Jungle Fungus Cure tabs. One half a tab per gallon works good. It does not harm the fry like Methelyne blue does.
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    Hydra Infestation

    Fenbendazole (Safeguard dog de-wormer from Petco) will kill hydra. Dose at .1 gram for 10 gallons. It will not kill snails. I don't know about shrimp though.
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    Introducing a new angel to a current one thats mate has passed away

    Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. The only way to know for sure is to try it. But be sure to have a backup plan in case it doesn't.
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    Bristlenose Plecos

    If the tank is big enough for three yes add a male. Be sure to add a cave or two for him if you do. Males like to stay in or near a cave.
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    Vallisneria Italian

    Cut them from the mother plant and throw them away or give to friends (enemies). They will form an unsightly ball at the top while the ones rooted in the substrate will take over your tank.
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    Finally I got a bristlenose pleco spawn

    It will take 5 days to use up the egg sac. Feed them after that. I rubber band a piece of zucchini to a rock and drop it in, replace every day. Keep food available for them all the time. Eat is what they do all day.
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    Putting Adult Angels together????

    It is worth a try. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't, the only way to know is to try. It may take a day or two for them to get used to each other. On the other hand it could be love at first sight. I have seen it both ways.
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    Finally I got a bristlenose pleco spawn

    To keep this on topic. You can put your Pleco eggs into one of these boxes. Take off the uplift tube and hang it inside the tank with an air line and anti-fungus stuff. This stabilizes the temperature. You can do water changes as you see fit. When the eggs hatch, turn the box and hang it on the...
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    Finally I got a bristlenose pleco spawn

    Yes those are the ones. Hang them inside without the uplift tube and an air line. I use them for Bristlenose and Cory eggs, work great.
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    Finally I got a bristlenose pleco spawn

    Depends on the type of breeder box. I have some that are solid and can hang inside or outside the tank. They have a removable tube to provide circulation when putside. When inside, an air line provides circulation. No mixing with the tank water unless you want.
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    Finally I got a bristlenose pleco spawn

    Do you have anti-fungus in the breeder box with the eggs, Methelene Blue or something else? Jungle fungus clear tabs work at 1/2 tab per gallon of water. If not, boost the air flow to keep a good circulation going. Just because the eggs got kicked out doesn't mean they are bad. I think...
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    Finally I got a bristlenose pleco spawn

    5 days to hatch, 5 more days until they are ready to eat Zucchini. If you let them stay with dad until they leave the cave they will be very hard to catch. If you want to save the most babies move dad and the cave to another small tank. When the babies are ready to come out, wash them out of the...
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    Angelfish Fry Balling up!

    How many days since spawn? Sometimes the day before they go free swimming they will launch off the bottom and then drift back down. Could you have seen this as free swimming? As you said it could have just been the way they happened to sleep one night. After they free swim they tend to stay in a...
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    Bristlenose Babies

    No baby BN do not "require" live food. It can't hurt but they do just great on a Zucchini diet. They are herbivores after all and too much protein can harm them.
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    Bristlenose Babies

    Best to take the babies out if you want them to survive. Everybody likes to eat baby bristlenoses, even your guppy will try to eat them if he can.
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    Female bristlenose getting close to males cave

    That should work good. Put in an air line to assure good circulation and surface agitation for oxygen exchange.