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  1. UnknownFishies

    Random Discussion

    I was driving with my family past a storm and saw someone launching fireworks in the middle of this and decided to take a picture. Got the fireworks with the lightning in the same moment
  2. UnknownFishies

    My axolotl, Kirby!

    Very Cute!!
  3. UnknownFishies

    my grandma learned what a meme is. here are some that she sent me.

    My grandma never seems to understand my type humor, but when I show her a cringey minion meme she cracks up...
  4. UnknownFishies

    Random Discussion

  5. UnknownFishies

    Your LFS nearby lets show em all

    That’s sad but also really cool that they did that in her memory.
  6. UnknownFishies

    Your LFS nearby lets show em all

    I have a fish store that’s a 10 minute bike ride away, I think it opened up relatively recently but I’m not sure. Been there once before and I gotta say this guy has some pretty cool stuff. Has both salt and fresh water equipment, a stingray and a plant section. I’ll go there soon to get...
  7. UnknownFishies

    My Hamster (caution, he’s hairless)

    Cute little thing! Glad you all took it in!
  8. UnknownFishies

    Betta Tank Recommendations

    Don’t know any recommendations for bettas, haven’t had one in a while. You should have rocks and places to hide just like in the wild. Some red root floaters might be good but it depends on what you want Again it depends on your preference. I personally like sand more than gravel but it’s...
  9. UnknownFishies

    Random Discussion

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I don’t know how hard this may be for you. I’m really sorry.
  10. UnknownFishies

    Baby bunnies!

    I was surprised as well.
  11. UnknownFishies

    Poor snail

    There was thread on here somewhere where a person had a snail without a shell, it was totally normal and acted fine. I will try to find it.
  12. UnknownFishies

    Poor snail

    Epic name. I think the calcium’s should fix it but I am not sure. Snale should be fine though, I’ve seen snails survive without shells before.
  13. UnknownFishies

    When YouTube makes you a fish star,and all the rest.

    I don’t have Youtube, mom blocks it on my phone… from what I can gather though it seems you were watching a fish abuser or something along those lines? I watch Fish for Thought and he has seen some pretty bad stuff. It’s sad that people will abuse fish just for money or fame.
  14. UnknownFishies

    2 Angel fish lost colour & possibly slime coat

    I am very sorry for your loss. Is it just me or does his eye look a little cloudy. I’m really tired so maybe I’m just imagining it.
  15. UnknownFishies

    Fish Vote

    Bishop because I play a lot of chess and I absolutely love bettas!
  16. UnknownFishies

    Kiwi and Avocado (Ava)

    Me and my mom want a bird but my cat would murder it within a day…