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    220 Reef system Diary

    Have you seen this thread: it might be worth contacting some of the people who recieved the nudis?
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    Calcium Hydroxide

    The acetate ions will be metabolised by bacteria releasing carbon dioxide. Additionally the H+ from the dissociation of vinegar will combine with OH- from kalk, reducing the concentration of OH- and allowing more kalk to dissolve (solubility product etc.). The OH- will later be re-released as...
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    In my opinion, in normal saltwater, limestone is going to do very little to maintain calcium (or alkalinity) at natural levels, since seawater is already supersaturated with these ions. Maybe the snails are found close to limestone because they benefit from the conditions that lead to the...
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    Water Change Advice

    After a quick bit of physics I've come up with the following: The maximum rate that you can add water to the tank in litres per minute = (1/70) * power of heaters / (difference in temp. between tank and new water - (acceptable change in tank temp.*tank volume / volume of water changed) ) This...
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    The behaviour of phosphate in saltwater is quite complicated. Inorganic phosphate takes a number of forms, under normal conditions mostly consisting of PO4(3-) and HPO4(2-), though this is dependant on pH. There is a large amount of ion pairing particularly by PO4(3-) with magnesium and...
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    Calcium Hydroxide

    I think that adding calcium hydroxide will, while increasing your calcium levels, also increase your alkalinity (if you're interested in the chemistry it's because the OH group will react with dissolved carbon dioxide to form a carbonate ion). You need to know the alkalinity in your tank...
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    I think the majority of people who keep acros use 250 watt halides (or in some cases 400 watt halides), although provided the other conditions are right I don't think there would be much wrong with 150 watt halides or equivilant in t-5 tubes. Maybe try to find some local reefkeeper's: they'll...
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    Starting Up With Tufa Rock

    Calling someone a fool is hardly a great way to promote mature disscussion: Since you seem to be interested in debating, I'm sure you'll realise that this is a false dilemma and therefore meaningless. Again I don't mean to be rude and we all make mistakes, however looking at your first post...
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    Starting Up With Tufa Rock

    ChestnutMoray55 please don't take this the wrong way, but a month ago you were telling us that how your shrimp were of comparible intelligence to chimps and other vertebrates. Now you're saying you have no problem subjecting fish to conditions that are at best less than optimal?
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    Starting Up With Tufa Rock

    I didn't mention live rock at all in my post. If j@mie has already said he'd rather not take his rockwork apart, in my opinion getting a damsel out of the tank isn't going to be easy.
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    Flow Recommendations & Patterns

    Remember to add the salt to the water rather than the other way round to prevent precipitation. I'm sure the fish won't mind the flow as long as you make sure it's well dispersed as sam said.
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    Starting Up With Tufa Rock

    But you could simply add the food that you would have feed the fish straight into the tank. You will get exactly the same amount of ammonia produced (the nitrogen atoms have to come from somewhere) without being stuck with a damsel that could cause you hassel later on when you want to add other...
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    Starting Up With Tufa Rock

    Perhaps those people advocating cycling with fish could tell us what advantages this gives? I honestly can't think of any...
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    A couple of baffels to stop bubbles getting sucked into the return pump would be useful.
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    Help Want To Buy A Second Hand Tank From E-bay!

    Also have a look on reefkeeping forums for people selling complete setups: IMO your likely to get a better system this way.
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    Some Info On Fish

    The hawkfish might be a bit of a risk with small fish or shrimp, though I have no experience. For other fish I would look at a mix woth ones which 'do' different things (eg. a couple that live on the rock, some which swim through the rock, and some which spend time in open water). For...
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    For All Those Who Want A Squid

    If you did, you would be showing your complete misunderstanding of how science works.
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    For All Those Who Want A Squid

    No it's not! As andywg has said on a number of occassions it is a theory- nothing less nothing more. The fact that it is remarkably good at explaining observations means that it is widely supported, in exactly the same way that gravity or relativity is.
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    How Do They Get Wild Cought Fish?

    Cyanide fishing is illegal, and while it still occurs in some parts of the world most fish are not caught this way.
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    New Tank Project - Your Opinion

    There is a Trigon 190 setup here: although it has had some big hardware upgrades.