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    Building Acrylic Tank

    ;) Haven't used acrylic myself but This Page has many different sections and should give you lots of info to be going on with. ;) Mac.
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    Information needed on Corys

    ;) Hi Sandy, your water is fine for Cories, as long as your tank is mature. Keep Nitrates as low as possible (you should be doing this anyway). Have a look at Introduction to Cories They fare best if kept in a small shoal of 6 or more. ;) Mac.
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    -_- Never heard of them. I hope these are not Aeneus albinos that have been injected with dye. In recent times there have been cories with all different colours injected into them. This a barbaric practice used by unscrupulous breeders to make a fast buck :angry: Ask your LFS the latin name of...
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    zebra plec

    ;) At TRIMAR starting from £60 each. Delivered to your door for £10 per up to 10kg box. ;) Mac.
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    Sexing corydoras sterbai

    ;) Looking at the pic you may well be right............................but what the hell is that for a substrate :sick: Mac.
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    Which is stronger

    Bigfish is in the UK, here we have bigger gallons than you guys over the pond and our gallons weigh 10lbs ;) Mac.
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    I need for every one to read this

    Drag, you've got me wrong. I build these purifiers myself and sell them very cheaply to local fish keepers. The local water company started adding ammonia to the water recently (ammonia + chlorine = chloramine ) The only reccommendation I'd make about an API filter is not to get one. I'll...
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    I need for every one to read this

    ;) This is the baby you need. Removes all the nasties, doesn't change the pH or hardness and all the water is useable not like a wasteful RO unit. :) Mac. Oh no I can't post the image in here :angry:
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    One of my fish is killing some of the others!

    :o I'm afraid it's your Serpaes. They can be quite evil at times biting at other fish although not particularly trying to kill them. They are especially adept at picking out eyes!! These actions can sometimes be attributed to insufficient food but some are just born that way :( You should...
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    How to sex albino corys

    ;) Viewed from above, the females are much fatter behind the pectoral fins than males, even in young fish. Also if you look closely the femlae's ventral fins are a rounded shape compared to the male pointed version. Cories always zoom about a new tank for a few yes, this is normal...
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    I'm here too

    ;) Hi Chenz, welcome aboard :D Mac.
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    Tea tree oil

    ;) Not a lot, but you'd get a nice smell :lol: Mac.
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    Zebra and Leopard Danios

    ;) Zebras & leopards will be fine together. Just be careful not to stock your tank too quickly, you will end up with problems and dead fish. Your filter takes quite a number of weeks to mature, so only add a couple of fish at a time every 2 weeks or so. ;) Mac.
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    Tea tree oil

    :P to you too bigfish, It's an anti-bacterial med. Treats body slime/mouthfungus/fin & tail rot/open sores/wounds/ulcers/cloudy & popeye. Dose 5ml per 25gallon with a 5% mix, adjust dose to %. Have a look at this thread Click the...
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    Tea tree oil

    ;) Dead easy to make - same as "Mel***x". Use 1% pure tea tree oil (meleluca sp? available from you local health shop) and 99% distilled water. You can double the oil at 2% without any problems. ;) Mac.
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    painted and inked fish

    :( Most albino fish can and have been injected. Quite often the name will give you a clue. "Strawberry Tetra, Disco Cory" etc. Beware it's an unscrupulous breeder/dealer that carries out this practice to make a fast buck and IMO they are parasites :grr: Mac.
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    ;) It is just that a rough guide If you have very efficient filters and have an excellent maintenance regime, you can keep many more fish such as Rifts which need to kept at a high density. ;) Mac.
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    Hello Old friends!

    ;) Hi drag and tff, welcome back. :) I've been a bit absent myself lately (pressures of work and working away from home) Hope to see you around :) Mac.
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    ;) Looks like you have red/black algae starting to form :( CLICK HERE for further info to help with the problem. ;) Mac
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    Too Frequent Water Changes?

    ;) This is a water conditioning product and Yes, it should be used at every water change (or an equivalant). It has chemicals that neutralize chlorine and I think other products that protects the slime coat on fish. Have a look at the label on the bottle. :) Mac.