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    What do you make of this - on ebay

    It's probably more like a pint or so, dwarf.. :/ Have you all seen those bubble gum machine things they sell on there too for betta homes? I'd say they're too small even for gumballs, let alone a fish.
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    Large Mouth Bass

    But it will take it a long time to grow that big, right? And if I put him back, he's not going to have all that much room for swimming anyway, its a really small creek. I'm not sure how he ended up there in the first place, unless he got washed downstream or something. I'm not sure how long...
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    Large Mouth Bass

    Yeah he's been eating all the other minnows. :/
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    Large Mouth Bass

    I tried one earth worm, but he didn't seem too interested. One of the minnows ended up eating it. I don't have a pic of him, unfortunately, no digital camera. He's just in a ten gallon right now, but if I keep him that long, I'm gonna put him in my 30 gallon. Or do you think he'd get along...
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    siamese fighter

    Its hard to keep them with other fish, but theyre compatible with some. Don't put males with other males, or other flashy, bright colored fish, because they'll interpret them as enemies. Also, don't put them with anything that nips long fins, like barbs, tetras, etc. Females are excellent to...
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    Large Mouth Bass

    As I said nmarc, I'm not keeping him in there forever.
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    Large Mouth Bass

    Where can I get those?
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    Large Mouth Bass

    No all I have in his tank is stuff I caught with him. Baby crayfish, minnows and bottom feeders of some sort; I had some tadpoles but they grew into frogs and I put them back where I found them. It's an interesting tank. :P
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    Large Mouth Bass

    I don't intend to keep him forever, he is just a really neat fish. Anyway for now, he seems to be growing JUST fine, and rather quickly. :wub:
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    Large Mouth Bass

    We caught a large mouth bass in a creek around here, and he's just a baby- around 1.5 inches. He won't eat ANYthing besides other fish. I'd like to be able to keep other fish with him, so I've been trying to get him to eat something besides his tankmates. I've tried flakes, freeze dried...
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    Water Changes...

    You try to get it as close to your tank temperature as possible, so it doesn't stress your fish. You might try one of those hanging thermometers to test your temperature before you put it in. Another option is to let your tap water sit out overnight in the same room, that will allow it to...
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    Fish mix

    Barbs can be rather aggressive, in my experiene.. What kind are they? The tiger barbs I had liked to attack everyone, but I had rosy barbs that were peaceful and had no problem at all. Other than that, your setup sounds great to me.
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    Don't know what this is?

    Wow, they sure don't look like anything my snails ever laid. -_- Haha maybe its a different kind of snails, since they do like to climb out of the water sometimes.
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    A Bad Day in an LFS

    I'm SO glad to hear that your rights will be asserted here! Please let us know how this all turns out :)
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    filter sucking fish up

    It will still filter with the pantyhose and also make the suction a bit less strong.. and if it does manage to suck them in, they may be more able to get away from the pantyhose than the stronger sucking pieces of plastic.
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    Game Fish For sale

    I have a ten gallon full of minnows that I caught in a creek, and I have a couple baby largemouths that I caught. I have to give them smaller minnows to eat, they won't eat anything else... I've tried bloodworms, shrimp, tubifex worms, flakes, small cichlid food, and nothing. Theyre...
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    Misunderstanding Plecos

    When I first started, with a 10 gal, WalMart sold me one and I thought they would eat ANYthing. I soon learned they wouldnt, and also that they didnt do well in a 10 gallon! But my little pleco I have now is so spoiled, I don't think he eats anything besides the little pellets I feed him.
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    Snails are scaleless, so are plecos and other catfish, dwarf frogs, etc. If you can get maybe a cheap 1 gallon or 2 gallon aquariun to move your scaleless buddies into while you treat, maybe that would help. :nod:
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    filter sucking fish up

    When I had molly fry, I tied a small piece of nylon pantyhose over the bottom part of the filter. Maybe this would also work with your larger fish.
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    First fish

    I agree with tetras_rock as my black tetras have lived quite a long time. Danios are nice, so are mollies and platties. Try some corydoras or dwarf frogs for bottom feeders or a snail