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    Irc Instead Of Live Chat

    Well, I haven't been on in a long while. I just wanted to say "Hi" to everyone and it's good to see some of you still around! Anyway, take care everyone and I hope to see you and chat again soon!
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    Rogue Pet Gallery

    Updated photos of Aubie! In the below photos he's about 6-7months old :wub: For SnG's Here are some photos of his smiley face:
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    Had Bad Experience With Soft Claws

    Your cat's single favorite scratching site may be temporarily protected by covering it with some netting or loosely woven fabric. Cats do not like to snag their claws. On the other hand, you can temporarily confine your cat to a location away from the places she/he likes to scratch. In the...
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    My Adopted Neighbours Dog

    AH! I figured it was some sort of spaniel breed, but couldn't exactly pin point which.... thanks!
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    My Adopted Neighbours Dog

    She's so adorable! What breed is she?
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    My Cat

    I agree... she looks great!
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    Do Pets Remember/recognize Their Owners?

    My Aunt and Uncle live about a 1/4 mile from my parents. They own a black labrador that likes to leave and go to my parents' house to visit their dog. The labrador will stay for days on end, but when my uncle (who leaves for months at a time and comes home for months at a time for work) comes...
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    November Potm Banner

    :lol: :lol: :rofl: That's awesome you added Crotch Ferrets!
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    Alphabet For Fish

    M - Marine
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    Take A Look Super Funny Picture

    :lol: It's probably wise that you put the shovel down now.... Too funny!
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    My Cat Moby

    What an adorable kitty! (I know I'm late at seeing this thread...) Woah... look at those pupils! Your kitty looks a lot like my Aubie - they could be siblings! And since the trend of cat sticking their tongues out it would only be right for me to do the same:
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    It's Not Easy Being Beautiful

    Hilarious captions wuv... :lol: They seem to be quite the characters...
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    The Video Tour Of My Household Pets!

    Adorable cats and dog :) Your dog reminds me of my last dog that I had for 15+ years. She ended up with a fairly large tumor on her chest, but she was too old at that point to have it operated on. So, love your dog as much as you possibly can... It's just another part of aging. So, soon...
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    Esmarelda Pics

    Riley seems to be extremely good natured. :nod: He's adorable as well as Esmarelda.
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    More Ickle Gizmo Pics!.

    Awww.. what a cutie! Did it take long for him to accept the clothing?
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    My Dogs

    :lol: Great Elvis impersonation in the next to last photo! :lol:
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    Say Hello To Millie My Boxer Puppy

    TOO CUTE! Look at her wittle ears!
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    Introducing Our Cats

    Great photos! Do they not try to climb the fence? POTM for the first brown tabby pic. They're both so adorable.
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    The Non-aquatic Pets

    Beautiful pets kairi! :lol: I died laughing at the censor block... At first I couldn't even figure out what you were getting at...
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    Christmas Josie

    Fantastic pics! That second pic where the ornament is still swinging... Jack looks like he just got busted. :lol: Great candid shots!