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  1. Jesse

    aquarium smell

    I think it may be different for larger volumes of water. My 20g smells (when you stick your nose up to it) but my 210g doesn't. Thank goodness too because you'd be able to smell that much water at the neighbors [emoji24] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Jesse

    Hey all!

    Hi everybody! I know it's been a really long time since I've posted! My life has been crazy with remodels of the house and I've been focusing on my YouTube channel (Mile Hi Freshwater). I figured I should get back to socializing with you guys! Here is a current pic of my 210 gallon frontosa...
  3. Jesse

    New 20 Gallon 5Th Tank!

    Here is a 1 week update...look at the growth!!  
  4. Jesse

    Padding Rocks On The Aquarium Floor

    I would just be afraid of it holding all kinds of crap. I wouldn't trust it because it could cause a huge ammonia issue.
  5. Jesse

    New 20 Gallon 5Th Tank!

    So...its looking amazing! I think I already have growth! At least my anubias has a little sprout on top!    
  6. Jesse

    What Are You Listening To?

    Just watch it. Powerful message, awesome music!
  7. Jesse

    New 20 Gallon 5Th Tank!

    I was AMAZED at the plants I received! I got so many, I had NO idea where to put them! I also picked up a pair of GBR's and 6 Neon tetras. Not sure what my full list will be.  
  8. Jesse

    120G Tank Fish Ideas?

    It doesn't matter. They will still try.
  9. Jesse

    New 20 Gallon 5Th Tank!

    Okay well here is a pic of the final hardscape I came up with. I have a pressurized CO2 setup ready to go. Not sure if I'm happy with the diffuser but I can change that later. I ended up with the Aquatek mini as the regulator. I have a new Finnex Planted+ 24/7 coming tomorrow as well as these...
  10. Jesse

    New 20 Gallon 5Th Tank!

    Sorry about the cloudiness but I just flooded the tank. This is what I came up with for a hard scape. Plants are coming on saturday!  
  11. Jesse

    New 20 Gallon 5Th Tank!

    So this is going to be my 5th tank, but my first planted tank! All my other tanks have different kinds of cichlids, so I am not sure what I am going to stock this one with. I am still in a rough stage right now with no plants. My plants are supposed to arrive this weekend so I can really get...
  12. Jesse

    We Have A Spawn! Kinda Weird Though...

    I know,I had no intentions on selling them as I said already. I fed them to one of my other tanks anyhow.
  13. Jesse

    We Have A Spawn! Kinda Weird Though...

    Sooooo two of my cichlids Have decided to spawn. I have been moving around fish from tank to tank making room for a different pair to spawn and something odd happened. I put two convicts in with a salvini, Jack dempsey, and an albino oscar. Almost immediately my salvini paired up with one of the...
  14. Jesse

    Cheap Fake Plants? Advice?

    I've seen others do it before. I don't think it's an issue unless it has some weird paint on it or something.
  15. Jesse

    Had A Small Family Emergency This Morning...

    Like I said I'm going to be installing a diVider. I am good with cichlids as I have 5 tanks full this is just the first problem I've encountered
  16. Jesse

    Had A Small Family Emergency This Morning...

    Well I had that post about my pearl cichlids trying to breed...well their efforts failed and the male started beating up on the female. I noticed this morning she was torn up and kinda floating near the top. As I was trying to get ready to leave for work I threw one of my empty 20 gallon tanks...
  17. Jesse

    Long Time No See! Fish May Be Getting Ready To Breed!

    Hey all! Sorry its been so long since I've posted! Our house has been one crazy mess for quite a while, but now I can hunker down and take care of this hobby more. Looks like I may have a pair that are getting ready to do the hanky panky! Check it out!
  18. Jesse

    Looking At Swapping To Cichlids

    If it were me, I would use 100% ammonia. Just a little bit every other day or so will keep your bacteria happy!
  19. Jesse

    125 Gallon Re-Scape!

    I would have to say, the pots weren't so much decor as they were nice caves for the fish. I have a lot of cichlids in the house that love to hide! I really do like it without the pots, though.
  20. Jesse

    125 Gallon Re-Scape!

    Sorry for the potato quality of the new picture, not sure what my phone is up to! So this is my 125 gallon that I decided I didn't like the flower pots in anymore. I don't like the fake plants either, but those are going to have to wait. I picked up a nice piece of wood to go in place of the...