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  1. Linkandnavi

    My neighbors are complaining about noise from the Tidal filters

    I've used Tidals before and had zero issues with sound. Virtually silent. Helped by the fact that the impeller is inside the tank which muffles any sound further (and means they automatically resume functioning without being primed in the event of a power cut). Unless you mean the sound of...
  2. Linkandnavi

    21" deep freshwater lighting

    My largest tank is 67cm deep (26.3" -ish) and my Fluval Aquasky lights work just fine for plants. Bluetooth, fully programmable etc. On the pricey side though and if the programming isn't important to you then there are much cheaper lights out there. As Colin said, it isn't deep and standard...
  3. Linkandnavi

    having problems with a FX4 filter

    Sounds similar to a problem I had with a brand new FX6 (see this thread). Significant juddering from the hoses like the pump was turning off and on and low and inconsistent flow. At one point it cut out entirely and needed to be turned off and on. I'd tried disassembling the impeller etc and...
  4. Linkandnavi

    UK - Northumbrian Water Reports 2020 and 2021 - INCREASES in hardness that are worth knowing

    It's also worth noting that the "average" is an average of the highest and lowest from tests at different properties within the water board's delivery area. It doesn't mean that the average hardness out of any particular tap or property has changed, although it might have. It might just be...
  5. Linkandnavi

    UK - Northumbrian Water Reports 2020 and 2021 - INCREASES in hardness that are worth knowing

    Northumbrian Water uses surface water (from rivers and reservoirs) and then blends them. I imagine any changes over time to the water parameters will result from the changing blends. I.e. more water captured from a river with higher hardness in one year, more from a river with lower hardness...
  6. Linkandnavi

    Sudden Nitrite (not Nitrate) in Tap Water

    As the OP, I can only agree!
  7. Linkandnavi

    Sudden Nitrite (not Nitrate) in Tap Water

    Thanks. Yes, I use Seachem Safe (which the powdered version of Prime - just a bit more economical on large tanks). That was my thought too. I'm just always slightly sceptical on the whole "renders it inert" thing as I've never seen anyone really explain how that happens. That said, I have no...
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  9. Linkandnavi

    Sudden Nitrite (not Nitrate) in Tap Water

    For those who are interested, this gets weirder and weirder. I swapped the problematic Pozanni nitrate filter for another one (unopened). The nitrite is zero once more, proving it was that filter cartridge. However, the new cartridge is stripping all of the carbonate hardness (kh) from the...
  10. Linkandnavi

    Sudden Nitrite (not Nitrate) in Tap Water

    Thanks. I've actually now ruled out the hose and have managed to find the surprising culprit... The hose I use is food grade and specifically free of phthalates, which is the bit that the non-food grade hoses use to keep them flexible. I've done more water tests than I can count this...
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  12. Linkandnavi

    Sudden Nitrite (not Nitrate) in Tap Water

    Thanks. It's connected to a hose that is permanently connected and used exclusively for my tanks. Connects to the tap Through my garden and through my office wall Then to an inside hose tap The only way to get running water in my office. The hose is food grade and never disconnected...
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  16. Linkandnavi

    Sudden Nitrite (not Nitrate) in Tap Water

    Afternoon all, Living in South East London, I've traditionally battled high nitrate levels in my tap water. Today though, I have a rather different issue. Having just filled a 200 litre bucket ready for tomorrow's water change on my 200 gallon, I dipped a test strip in. When testing my tanks I...
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  19. Linkandnavi

    Linkandnavi - May 2022 Tank of the Month Winner (31 Gal & Larger)

    Thanks everyone, much appreciated. And a massive congratulations to all the other entrants too. Those tanks are stunning 👍