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  1. saltynay

    Hide And Seek Riverbed (Low Tech)

    I have lost 2 shrimp so far. One was a gorgeous dark red female, both bodies have turned up in the sandy area towards the center of the tank. I believe they died whilst in the pvc pipes though and the current drifted them out. I hope I won't lose the 3 left when they molt as they are all super...
  2. saltynay

    Hide And Seek Riverbed (Low Tech)

    I am really happy with their colouration! I hope it is a stable colour morph and transfers to their juvies.
  3. saltynay

    Hide And Seek Riverbed (Low Tech)

    Fauna 1st set of pics I have been a little cheeky and rushed my tank a little but I couldn't resist. I went to kesselgrave tropical in Ipswich on sunday as I saw their Ebay page and wanted to check out their selection. Kesselgrave tropicals is really well hidden from the main road, at first I...
  4. saltynay

    Hide And Seek Riverbed (Low Tech)

    (Click to enlarge)   After starting at my layout for about half an hour I have made a few small adjustments to the positioning
  5. saltynay

    Hide And Seek Riverbed (Low Tech)

    Back with the next installment   Boring stuff (Click to enlarge)   Firstly as you may know Kuhli loaches are infamous for their ability to turn up in the most unexpected places including external filters. As my external is an Eheim Wet/Dry model half the time the canister is empty and this...
  6. saltynay

    Hide And Seek Riverbed (Low Tech)

      Its 40mm pipe so it will take a long time of neglect to clog up entirely. I plan with my monthly maintenance to use a spare 350l/h pump to spray through the the tunnels and that will hopefully push out any trapped fish waste.
  7. saltynay

    Hide And Seek Riverbed (Low Tech)

    Plants are ordered from Aquaeesentials. Had a couple of changes swapped the E. Vesuvius for Vallisneria Asiatica. As I bought from AE they don't stock the E. Aquartica so couldn't get that one for now. Swapped out E. Red Flamed for E. Hadi Red Pearl as I find it more attractive. I also got my...
  8. saltynay

    Black Sand...

    I prefer the caribsea tahitan moon black sand from Pets@Home (cheaper online than in store). Its neutral so won't change your ph at all and its a pure black powder the pettex black sand is coated to give it its color so changes over time to a gray shade.
  9. saltynay

    Hide And Seek Riverbed (Low Tech)

    This is my first proper attempt at a planted tank. I have been into freshwater for 11 years but only dabbled in plants never truly researching the components to put together a large aquascape / art piece. So lets dig in:   Idea I have for years loved my kuhli loaches and the way they remain...
  10. saltynay

    For Sale: Api Test Kits

    PM sent
  11. saltynay

    Introducing Frogs

    ADF - African Dwarf Frogs will be fine get a set of 4 for them to be happy. They require no platforms.
  12. saltynay

    Various Equipment

    Thats a bit far for me sorry.
  13. saltynay

    Various Equipment

    Where in the UK are you I am interested in the sand but only on collection if your close
  14. saltynay

    When To Start Feeding Onion Snail?

    When you notice the tank has 70% of the visible algae removed so only 30% remains you should start feeding. Feed it sinking algae pellets meant for shrimp or snails every fish shop has them but sometimes they are tucked away on a lower shelf. Feed it around 15 minutes after your fish,so your...
  15. saltynay

    Why Won't Tiger Snail Eat This?

    Do you have a tank light? If so extend the hours of running it by 2 hours and algae should naturally form. If you don't have a tank light either buy one or move the tank (easiest at weekly water changes ;)) to a brighter location where it will catch more light. If your still struggling a small...
  16. saltynay

    Rock Shrimp

    Be aware that its hard to feed this shrimp in a small aqarium e.g. less than 200 litres as they are a filter feed they need a well planted and stocked tank to get sufficient food. They will pick up food off the substrate with their fanned claws if they can't filter feed this causes damage to...
  17. saltynay

    Wanted (Pond Plants) - Essex

    Hey,   I am searching for some Pond plants avasilable in essex near to Braintree I recently cleared out my pond and tropical tank after a couple of years of neglect and looking to get back into the hobby.   Regards, Matt
  18. saltynay

    Got A Free Ten Gallon Today!

    Most Endlers you will find at a LFS are hybrids with guppies so they behave extremely similar and have a wide range of tolerance for water conditions. Endlers are generally a little smaller and more attractive in my opinion than the standard LFS guppy. Ofcourse if you wanted to seek them out...
  19. saltynay

    Got A Free Ten Gallon Today!

    Endlers are an option aswell. I had an old 10gallon tank of Endler males, RCS, Amano Shrimp and african dwarf frogs. The ADFs will predate the young shrimp though, so I made sure I had a healthy and readily breeding stock of shrimp so that any lost were replaced.
  20. saltynay

    Ghost Shrimp Care

    Well you are using the common name but normally ghost shrimp are macrobrachium lanchestri which doesn't add up to there being miniature shrimp in the tank. Normally with Lanchestri they form eggs which release larvae that takes 9-14 days to mature into mini shrimp. I assume yours are another...