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  1. K

    Floating Plants (Easy To Difficult)

      I'm not selling everything from it as it will be re-set up in about a week. Just need to cut down on the Pistia. It's £4 for up to a 1 kg packet or whatever will fit into a "small package" box as the plants are free. If you want them, PM me ASAP because I'm draining the tank right now and...
  2. K

    Advice Needed On My Water - Please

    Have you been monitoring the nitrite reading every day? If Nitrite is really high, apparently the API liquid kit will show 0 ppm after the 5 minutes.   I can't see anything "bad" about your tap water, it's unlikely to be causing any problems.
  3. K

    Madascar Rainbows - How Many In A School, What Sexes?

    Schools are best at 10+ fish. Rainbows can normally be kept at a ratio of 1m 1f and some people keep 2m 1f (I would prefer the former for myself).
  4. K

    Wiring New Ballast

    Hi, the wiring diagrams look the same to me, so I would wire them the same way. i.e.: old>new 1>14 2>13 3>12 4>11 5>10 6>9   I can't see the rest of the writing on the ballast, but I do recommend that you check that they have the same W specified.
  5. K

    Floating Plants (Easy To Difficult)

    Hi all, I'm breaking down my display tank this weekend and need to pass some of the Pistia onto new homes. Large plants are *free* for the moment, but postage for those will be £4 because they're too big to go as anything other than a packet!
  6. K


    I'm temporarily dismantling my display tank shortly and need to clear out some of the snails from it or they'll likely die.   Livestock: Physa snails with some albino, red, blue and normal ramshorns mixed in Quantity for sale: 100 odd Sales price: £1 for 10 Postage & packaging: £1.20 for as many...
  7. K

    Can I Use Old Filter Media

    Given that you have a cycled filter, then I would prioritise disinfecting the used media that came with the new filter and would seed it heavily from the cycled filter.   When I buy a used filter, I normally bleach the old filter housing using thin bleach (it's fragrance free) and water, then...
  8. K

    Plant Identification

    Depends on your carbon and lighting levels. FWIW, I think stem plants generally prefer to take nutrients from the water column rather than the substrate.
  9. K

    3 X Cory Tank's Breaking Down - Biddulph North Staffs

      Are you looking for the same sort of money for all of the fish? One of the shops not too far from here sells them for £3 for almost adult fish, so that would be too much for me.
  10. K

    Welcome Kittykat To The Moderation Team

    Thanks everyone :)
  11. K

    Wanting Advice For 65L Tank

      That makes your tank about 100 litres in volume, not 65. It does explain why you haven't had problems with ammonia and whatnot, but doesn't help for maximum adult size when stocking for the fish that are too big. Please have a read of what I said in my previous post about why which fish are...
  12. K

    3 X Cory Tank's Breaking Down - Biddulph North Staffs

      Peterborough, Lincoln and Newark are all about 2-3 hours away by car and I haven't got one, so would need to rent (which costs £50 as a minimum including petrol to Peterborough).
  13. K

    Daphnia (Live Fish Food)

    I breed my own Daphnia for breeding projects, but I've got too many now. I have about 1-2 bags worth spare per week, if anyone's interested.   Livestock: Daphnia Quantity for sale: 1-2 bags per week Sales price: 60p per bag Postage & packaging: £1.20 Payment: bank transfer, cash, Postal Order...
  14. K

    3 X Cory Tank's Breaking Down - Biddulph North Staffs

      A bit far from me. What about Bedford? Someone I know drives there to see family every couple of weeks.
  15. K

    Plant Identification

    Hygrophila difformis, emersed (out of water) growth.
  16. K

    Floating Plants (Easy To Difficult)

    I have a neverending supply of Pistia and I still have plenty of Lemna and Spirodela. FYI, the Spirodela is currently coming out of my 60 litre tank that's linked to from my sig and a fry tank.
  17. K

    Wanting Advice For 65L Tank

    How long is the tank? 60 cm as well?     Yeah… they're not going to stay that small and if they do, that would be because there's something wrong with them.   Save up, just like many of us had to do when we were your age. I used to buy fish that I was guaranteed to be able to breed so that I...
  18. K

    3 X Cory Tank's Breaking Down - Biddulph North Staffs

    I'm in Norfolk, do you ever come this way?
  19. K

    Feeding Bristlenoses

    That's a difficult question which depends on the exact species. I personally do not feel any of my wood eating plecos live foods.
  20. K

    Zero Creativity, Need Your Help Guys

    I'd squeeze the filter in next to the heater if there's space, and spacing out the plants a bit should help with that as well!