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    Urau, Black Collared Catfish & Saddle Cichlids, Pim Blochii

    Only black collared catfish left, now £5
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    What Fish Would You Never Recommend To A Beginner?

    The question is what type of person do you class as a beginner? everyone has to start somewhere. Educating people on how to keep fish is the ultimate key, but you cannot just tell people you cant keep x y z fish because you have no experience? What about people who have kept freshwater fish for...
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    Skinny Cichlids, Not Eating, 1 Dead. Help!

    Sounds like internal parasite. I would use Esha 2000 its a broad range med that covers lots of problems.
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    Catching Clown Loach

    He is  
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    Catching Clown Loach

    I had to move Gibbs a couple of years ago at 14" and I did it by hand, but Jethro is much bigger and stronger - not looking forward to shifting him.   I think I am going to use a black bucket on its side and try and herd all the clowns into it with low water level. If I get Bertha in the others...
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    Catching Clown Loach

    In the next few days I am going to be moving a lot of my fish around into new tanks. However some have not been caught for years. My major problem is how on earth am I going to move a 20" plec!!, I am thinking best by hand, grab tail and head and mind the spikes.   My second problem is a group...
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    Need Help With Fish Identification Please!

    Could be a Jewel Cichlid, but with pale colouration. These are african cichlids and can be very aggressive.
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    Urau, Black Collared Catfish & Saddle Cichlids, Pim Blochii

    Urau now sold   Aquidens Tetramerus Quisto Cocha no longer available - keeping them
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    I Need Help, Sick Weather Loach (Pictures!)

    check your water for traces of ammonia, weather loach do not tollerate it and will produce extra slime coat giving a  similar appearance to columnaris. 
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    Urau, Black Collared Catfish & Saddle Cichlids, Pim Blochii

    Age and condition: Urau pair (not breeding) 4 years old, approx 10"+ Quantity for sale:2 Reason for Sale:  Delivery or Collection: Collection only Sales price: £50 for the pair Willing to Ship (Yes or No): No Postage & Packaging Price: see below Location: Birmingham B36 area Photograph:   These...
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    The Life And Times Of Chops The Oscar

    It is with great sadness that this will be the final post about a truely remarkable fish. A one in a million. On 3rd June I found Chops lying on his side, no longer able to cope with the tumour. Putting him to sleep was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.   RIP Chops :(
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    My Dog Tore Up My Java Moss!

    Java moss is pretty hard to kill, it should grow again.
  13. star4

    All Pond Solutions Filter?

    James :) I was thinking about you the other day. Hope your well.
  14. star4

    All Pond Solutions Filter?

    I bought my first APS filter 6 years ago, it is still running now. All my tanks run APS filters, I love them, can't fault them at all. They are easy to clean and maintain, so easy to start up again. However like most filters they break if misused.
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    Lots Of Tanks Of All Shapes And Sizes B36 Area Birmingham

    Sorry tanks were scrapped, this ad is over a year old.
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    And This Is Why You Shouldn't Dump Unwanted Fish

    The wells catfish has been introduced to the UK for "sport fishing".   It is not just fishkeepers dumping unwanted fish that causes these problems. Governments also introduce fish as "quick fixes" to problems. The Pacu introduced to clear waterways of vegetation in Thiland is now a problem, the...
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    Is This A Fish ?

    Its a damselfly lavae, harmful to small fish, but a tasty treat for your catfish.
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    Which Filter To Go For?

    Sounds like you need a new shut off valve (The black bit on the top that the hoses go in), you have to buy the whole bit they dont sell just the seals. If that does not work its the head seal gone. Unfortunately both have the same results on leaking when they go so might be worth just getting...
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    Eu Ban On Fish Keeping! #handsoffmyhobby

    Alarming read -   Dont wait until the ban is in place before complaining!!!!!!   This not only applies to fish, but reptiles, birds any exotic non domestic animal.
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    Juwel Rio 180 With Fish - Birmingham B36

    Livestock/Equipment Juwel Rio 180 in black with stand t8 lighting unit, APS 1400uv filter, 300w heater, sand substrate, bogwood, 1 large amazon sword plant 2 smaller plants, java moss and fern, some anubias. Fertilizers etc have not been used on these plants, just stuck in and left to get on...