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  1. Meylin

    Is my female platy underfed or is it a parasite?

    I checked and her poop seemed normal and she's active but she looks like this. If it's a parasite what should i do? I had separated her there. She was in a 20 gallon tank with other platies and a cory gang
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  3. Meylin

    I don't know><

    Always! Although i don't do water changes anymore only top offs
  4. Meylin

    I don't know><

    Hi ! 5 gallons it's next to my bed
  5. Meylin

    I don't know><

    My name's Meylin I'm 20 and this is my shrimp tank ! !
  6. Meylin

    Platy pregnant or sick?

    Males can have a belly too!
  7. Meylin

    How do i plant this pearl weed back? :(

    I keep trying to plant this pearl weed but it keeps floating, any suggestions? (I know i should trim my plants, I've just been busy with finals !)
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