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  2. Chad

    New 28 Gallon Riparian Tank with Custom Backdrop

    Thanks. I got the plumbing in. I had to get a new pump and a ball valve. I wanted control of the water that flowed out of the wood and back into the tank. You can see where the hose comes out.
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  4. Chad

    New 28 Gallon Riparian Tank with Custom Backdrop

    I got some plants. Both aquatic and terrestrial. I have to wash the roots to get the soil off the terrestrial plants. Some people say let them soak for a few days. I'm not exactly sure if that is necessary, does get all the dirt off. I'm not sure I'm afraid of a little dirt, or even a little...
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  7. Chad

    New 28 Gallon Riparian Tank with Custom Backdrop

    Dang, it's been a long time since I started this. It just sat there as COVID and other factors in my life took hold. Recently, made the tough decision to get rid of my 80 gallon reef tank. But I can't be tankless. I also can't settle for only having a 5.5 gallon. I upgraded to a 28 gallon...
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  10. Chad

    Dead guppy. I replaced with two live bearer's

    I have read through this thread and I have seen some very sound advice from members. Fishless cycling is best. Fishless cycling requires time and patience. If fish are dying then something is wrong, or not yet right, and that is a signal not to put fish in the tank. Don't tap the tank, rock it...
  11. Chad

    Moderators ?

    When I first got here, I was asked to come over from another forum where I also admin. At that time the two were owned by the same people. This forum was the wild west and it took hours of staring at the screen to get it sorted. We still get moments of difficulty that take our very hard working...
  12. Chad

    We have elected a new moderator for our forums - WhistlingBadger

  13. Chad

    Best fish for 3 gal tank

    This comment is hugely important. Focus on what can be kept. 3 gallons is terribly small. We all pretty well know that not much can be kept in that size of tank and thrive. What can?
  14. Chad

    Any body up for a challenge??

    That's right. This is a known thing. It isn't something we need to figure out, we already have figured it out. These folks just need to study what is out there and learn the existing science.
  15. Chad

    Wood or rocks

    I live in a desert. That means that most fish and plants just won't grow here. That means I can have almost every thing I want to have. I didn't realize until I started getting into forums like this (years ago) that others were not so fortunate. Californians cannot have caulerpa algae...
  16. Chad

    How to properly add sea salt to the water?

    That is very true. Many of them require unique conditions. It is a specialty itself to keep algae of certain types. Some are easy of course, but they also tend to be invasive and so not available in many countries.
  17. Chad

    How to properly add sea salt to the water?

    That's tough because looks can be deceiving. It is hard to tell from looking if this is the remains of a coral reef or some other form of stone. The reason is that impurities can exist that are harmful to your tank in rock that was created in, say a cave. That rock will also be calcium carbonate...
  18. Chad

    How to properly add sea salt to the water?

    I have found that ceramic rings work really well. They are easier to maintain than bioballs in my experience.
  19. Chad

    Regular Partial Water Changes

    Thank you for the information, a very well thought out article on this subject. I have make it a stickie thread so that people can easily find it.