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  1. Blobfish

    Pothos Plant

    If the plant isn't growing it will not be using any nutrients.
  2. Blobfish

    Lighting For 2Ft Deep Tanks

    Thank you for your reply Chad! That's useful to know, I will look at other reasons for the lack of growth.
  3. Blobfish

    Lighting For 2Ft Deep Tanks

    My plants have never seemed to do very well and I'm wondering if they are getting enough light as the tanks are 2ft deep.  I'm using AquaRay LED tiles Grobeam 1500's, does anyone have any thoughts on whether these are enough for the job?  
  4. Blobfish

    In Case Of Emergancy...

    Lots of great advice in this video:
  5. Blobfish

    Fish Came W/house! Please Help Identify

    Could you take some more photos of the discus set up?  For all we know the tank could be on a continuous drip system or similar and not need water changes or it could have a ridiculously tiny filter which means they need daily changes.  Also, how big is the tank?
  6. Blobfish

    Eggs Hatching Video!

    Last night I finally got to actually see sturisoma festivum eggs hatching with help from their Dad.  I really couldn't explain how excited I was to finally get a good view of this miracle.  Better than that, I got some video of it too!  The beginning is a bit shaky but it improves.  I have...
  7. Blobfish

    Api Tap Water Conditioner

    I would read those instructions as meaning you should add 3ml.  
  8. Blobfish

    Anyone Used Aquamanta Efx 1000U ?

    I am running one of these filters and also a EFX 1000, on separate tanks.  They've both been running for a couple of years with minimal maintenance and are doing fine.     Although I commented on Rodders thread about the issue of not removing fine particles from the water column, this problem is...
  9. Blobfish

    What Do You Feed And When?

      Thank you for your input Fluttermoth.  How long do you think an Oscar can go without food?  He maybe getting a companion soon which might make a difference to his attitude over food.     Thank you Zante.  Does your desk reef tank and the rock pool tank get fed three times a day through boredom...
  10. Blobfish

    Removing Stains From Glass

    I would assume this is limescale, if so vinegar or lemon juice should remove it - obviously only good for outside.  I don't know how you could clean it inside while it is full.
  11. Blobfish

    Aquamanta Filters

    I mostly run Aquamanta filters and have the same problem in a couple of the tanks.  I have begun to suspect design too.
  12. Blobfish

    Glass Condensation Covers

    I've never had a problem using heavy glass covers on any of my tanks.
  13. Blobfish

    What Do You Feed And When?

        My oscar just has Hikari Gold as it is the only thing he will eat, I'm not happy about this.  He was bought up on lots of different foods but he gradually went off everything but the pellets.  Actually, he does still eat the various moths, spiders etc that I catch around the place but any...
  14. Blobfish

    What Do You Feed And When?

      I'm so sorry, that's exactly where I intended to post it, where did it end up?  
  15. Blobfish

    What Do You Feed And When?

    I was just wondering what people feed their fish, how frequently, what part of the day and if and how you rotate your foods.   Frankly, I don't know why I feed the stuff and the way I do.  It's just evolved over time.  The fish seem to like the food and I guess it's mainly habit when they are...
  16. Blobfish

    Need Help Selecting A Canister Filter

    I've had a few Fluval filters and they've been fine, worked well and given me no problems. 
  17. Blobfish

    What Would You Keep ...

        I feel much the same about discus plus I have 7 tanks in all and so I don't think I have the time to fuss over discus as much as they might need.  Maybe if I get to a time when I could dedicate more of the tanks to discus, that might make i more feasible. I find myself reading up on...
  18. Blobfish

    Too Hot For Fish?

    King Joey has two projects that might help you;   With regards to your problem with leaving the lid off, you can buy nylon mesh cheaply by the meter and you could use a piece to cover your tank while...
  19. Blobfish

    What Would You Keep ...

      I'm wondering about discus but am a bit wary about whether my water would suit them, I don't want to start running a RO system (at this point in time anyway).     Snakeheads are beginning to appeal.  I started off quite frightened of them but now I keep coming across information which claims...
  20. Blobfish

    What Would You Keep ...

        I've looked these up and they are beautiful!  I like cichlids a lot but this is one I haven't kept.  Thank you for the suggestion.     Out of the tap my water is 7.6 which I have not found a problem for anything as yet.  I have been thinking about angels, I've had the odd one or two in the...