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  1. Blobfish

    Lighting For 2Ft Deep Tanks

    My plants have never seemed to do very well and I'm wondering if they are getting enough light as the tanks are 2ft deep.  I'm using AquaRay LED tiles Grobeam 1500's, does anyone have any thoughts on whether these are enough for the job?  
  2. Blobfish

    Eggs Hatching Video!

    Last night I finally got to actually see sturisoma festivum eggs hatching with help from their Dad.  I really couldn't explain how excited I was to finally get a good view of this miracle.  Better than that, I got some video of it too!  The beginning is a bit shaky but it improves.  I have...
  3. Blobfish

    What Do You Feed And When?

    I was just wondering what people feed their fish, how frequently, what part of the day and if and how you rotate your foods.   Frankly, I don't know why I feed the stuff and the way I do.  It's just evolved over time.  The fish seem to like the food and I guess it's mainly habit when they are...
  4. Blobfish

    What Would You Keep ...

    ... in a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft tank which will not have plants due to low light?  Preference is probably for larger fish.
  5. Blobfish

    Why Tropical?

    I've always kept tropical fish and haven't to date ever felt the desire to keep saltwater fish.  I'm not really sure why.  I guess I like lush green tanks.  I like to look at saltwater sections of shops when I get the chance, love some of the fish and corals but still, something so far fails to...
  6. Blobfish

    Bad Fish Day

    So, this morning I found a dead neon tetra in one tank (not entirely unexpected), a dead medaka in another tank (definitely unexpected) and to top it off, one of my oscars has damaged himself quite badly.  Should heal up OK but quite a mess :(   On the other hand, the seven corydoras and four...
  7. Blobfish

    Gbr And Ember Tetras

    I bought a pair of adult German Blue Rams yesterday, a little unplanned but I'm not short of tank space at the moment (or at least wasn't before a trip to the LFS).  Currently they are in a tank with some Ember Tetras but I've seen something online that said the GBR's will be too aggressive for...
  8. Blobfish

    Creative Aquascaping

    I've picked up a few tips from this outstanding video:   and if you're game for more, watch how an expert cleans out their filter:
  9. Blobfish

    Just Started Uncovering Tanks

    I've just lifted the coverings on the tanks a little (rather than shocking the fish by removing the all at once) and the Java Medaka have all gathered in the uncovered corner.  I've missed them so much ... maybe they have missed me too :)  I made a big batch of food for them last night!  
  10. Blobfish

    Coping With Fish Withdrawal

    I've had to cover three of my tanks up for a few days to deal with an algae outbreak.  It's been 24 hours and it's driving me nuts!  I have still got the oscars and the multi's to look at but I'm missing my whiptails and medaka in particular :(  Any tips for getting through this?   Also, how...
  11. Blobfish

    Spotted Climbing Perch Tankmates

    I'm wondering about spotted climbing perch in my 48 x 18 x 24" tank.  I gather that African butterfly fish go well with them and I think I'd have some congo tetras too.  Maybe some kind of barb.  I've kept butterfly fish before but not for that long but the others would be new to me.   I would...
  12. Blobfish

    Stocking Ideas For Cube

    One of my new tanks is 2ft wide x 18" deep x 2ft wide.  Currently it has 10 Ember Tetras, 3 Black Venezuelan Corys and a pair of farolwella (twig fish) in it.  I'd like to get some more of the black corys but other than that I'm not sure what else to put in this tank.     I feel it would benefit...
  13. Blobfish

    Three New Tanks

    Got the fish transferred over but plants not planted as yet ..     Also got my Multi's into their new tank but seem not to have a photo on the PC at the moment,  I didn't realize how much hard work it would be to get four tanks up and running at the same time, fortunately my Mum stayed with us...
  14. Blobfish

    Ember Tetra Body Is Cloudy

    Not an emergency as such but I noticed today that one of my Ember Tetras body is cloudy white where it is usually pretty transparent, either side of the spine.  There are 10 all together and the others all look normal.  The fish in question is showing no other signs of being ill.   Any ideas?
  15. Blobfish

    Video Whiptails Feeding

    This is a video of two red lizard whiptails and a royal whiptail feeding with a few Javanese Ricefish hovering around.   (Sorry, removed link for now as it wasn't working properly - trying to sort this out.)     The red lizards are not show the gorgeous colouring they have now.
  16. Blobfish

    New Tanks For My Oscars

    Finally I have the set up finished enough to feel it's worth posting photos  The rest of the work to finish of is minor arranging of equipment and finishing off the stand (I'll do a thread in DIY section when I have time to sort them all out).   So these Oscars are Iggy and Merú,  They are...
  17. Blobfish

    Setting Up An External Filter

    I recently watched a video about setting up an external filter which seemed to make a lot of sense.  It said that the bottom basket should contain the foam with the finest grade right on the bottom and then the other media baskets should be devoted to ceramic media.  They thought that a small...
  18. Blobfish

    Calculating Volume Of Sand

    Does anyone have any idea what the calculation for sand volume for a tank might be?  I want a good inch covering of Unipac silver sand (river sand?) and I think I will have to get my lfs to order it in for me so it would help would help if I could work out how much I might need,  any ideas...
  19. Blobfish

    New Tanks Have Arrived!

    At last, things are moving with the plan to swap over to new tanks.     We caught the two oscars on sunday evening which was interesting.  Iggy only just fitted into the net and Meru didn't fit but we managed, amazing how powerful they are!  As soon as they were out of the water my OH put a...
  20. Blobfish

    Continuous Water Change System

    All being well, the oscars new tanks will arrive on Tuesday.  It's occurred to me that, since they will be on the other side of a fairly flimsy wall to the kitchen, I could plumb them into the cold water supply and have a continuous water change set up.  I would need to filter the water through...