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    German Blue Rams - Laying Eggs!

    Thanks for that - but we missed the boat :( Will get ourselves geared up though to do this properly. How long before they are ready to spawn again?
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    3 Deaths Last Night (all Old Fish) Seriously High Nitrate

    Looking at your potential stocking - this could be what's triggered your problem - could you please detail exactly what you have in the tank and the sizes please?
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    German Blue Rams - Laying Eggs!

    Thanks Inchworm. Quick update. This morning the eggs in the small tank (which just has the rams and the Black corys) are gone :( Presume the corys got to them. But - the ones in the big tank are still there! Dad doing a great job of protecting them. So now we have to see what we do about...
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    German Blue Rams - Laying Eggs!

    Quick update - now double shock as the pair in the big tank have also produced eggs and are now guarding them!!! This is so freaky. Vid of the original pair! I think we'll see how things are looking tomorrow. We can't set up two lots of nursery care facilities. So we might see which look...
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    German Blue Rams - Laying Eggs!

    Some may remember about a month ago we bought what we thought was a pair of german blue rams - ie male and a female. Turned out to be two males. After a number of permutations and losing one male we now have a pair in the main tank and a male in the smaller 47 litre tank. Three days ago we...
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    Which Test Kit Is Most Important?

    But cheaper than replacing poorly fish and it doesn't work out that expensive to test weekly after everything is settled. Only testing when something goes wrong could be very costly to your fish and then your pocket as it might be too late :(
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    Which Test Kit Is Most Important?

    I routinely test every week for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and Ph and do a water change every week. Monthly is not enough imho. I also test more regularly if I've added new fish, one looks poorly or off colour or done the monthly maintenance on the filters - just to be sure. ;)
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    Which Test Kit Is Most Important?

    The master kits are the same as the individual kits - just sold in a special package etc. Great way to get started with the kits. You can then top up when you run out of each one spreading the cost nicely :) Contains: Ammonia Nitrite Nitrate High Ph Normal Ph 4 test tubes Colour cards
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    What Is Happening?

    Sorry to hear about your dad and the trials you've been through. Don't beat yourself up about this - things happen sometimes for no reason. As for the prob;lems with your fish/tank etc - I'm struggling to see how/why your nitrate would be 0. You'd expect there to be some if all was well. Might...
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    Conditioning A New Tank

    In this case I would transfer both the filters from your current tank and also transfer all the water from the old tank over to the new and just top it up - unless the stats suggest it needs to be changed. Will be less of a shock for the fish. You could then do a % water change after a few days...
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    Fluval Edge...

    I saw these too at our local P@H yesterday. They look funky but can't see them being too much good for fish, Not a lot of surface area for the water!
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    Looking For Light Sand

    2 bags will be enough iirc. We used 3 for our 4' from what I recall.
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    German Blue Ram - Constipation - Or Something Else

    Looks to be worth a shot! Many thanks - will get some ordered straight away. Thanks again for all your help.
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    Looking For Light Sand

    Argos play sand works a treat.
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    German Blue Ram - Constipation - Or Something Else

    Neale - many thanks for your reply. I'm gutted :( looks like the poorly one won't make it then and that the others are also going to be at risk.
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    Fishless Cycle

    Just to reiterate the patience message. Yes some may have seen it go down in only a few days - but most don't. It can take ages - but as long as your ph is above 6.5 - nearer 8 the better, and you keep the temp up and don't let the ammonia go over app 5ppm - then the cycle will start. It can...
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    Stocking 240l

    It could be risky with tetras and angels - depending which tetras you want as angels can eat them if you have neons/cardinals or similar. But if you get the angels when they are very small it might be OK. Ot LFS has a massive pearly Angel in their heavily planted display tank with about 50...
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    German Blue Ram - Constipation - Or Something Else

    Have done a 15% water change and also added extra Prime to give a little extra protection, Readig is now 0 for ammonia - phew! Will kee a very close eye on that for the next few days. Any other ideas about the Ram anyone?
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    Removing Silicon

    A decorator's paint scraper does the job exceedingly well. Safe for your hands. You could use a bare razor blade - but you'd end up with cut fingers most likely. The decorator's craper works really well because of the handle etc. Quite cheap too.