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    would the apistos breed?

    Thanks a lot for the info, now i see why they weren't talked about in the apisto forums lol. But what about pencil fish then? I hear they need much smaller shoals, do well in as small as 10-gallon tanks and for what i read they are the most commonly used dithers for apistos. And when the pair...
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    would the apistos breed?

    long time no see tff. I have a spare 15-gallon tank and a cave, and I want to keep a pair of Apistogramma cacatuoides, the thing is that I was wondering if I could keep like 4 or so dwarf rainbows as dither fish but still have the apistos breed. I also have a spare 5-gallon to breed said...
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    puffer temptation

    hope you can get them soon!
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    puffer temptation

    I don't have the space for another 31 gallon :( but i was thinking about getting a 10-12 gallon tank and get either a fang's puffer or a red eye puffer, since both have that classic puffer shape, behavior and diet, and are more manageable in size
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    puffer temptation

    Thanks a lot, i will have to decline the offer then
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    puffer temptation

    Thanks for the info, i mean, if even the smallest of puffers can be a danger then i guess that a bigger one will just be worse
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    puffer temptation

    Hello everyone!. a dude in a local fish group is selling a green spotted puffer for 5 dollars and upon research, I see that they come from Indonesia and can live in a 31 gallon, so that would technically mean that it could live in my Indonesian biotope project, the thing here is that I worry if...
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    My Asian swamp aquarium!

    its not a store problem, its a FedEx problem
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    My Asian swamp aquarium!

    yeah, if they arrive by the 25th then it will have taken them a whole month to arrive... there seem to be some problems in the Mexico delivery system, a few other packages from family and friends have taken up to 3 months to arrive so it doesn't really surprise me.
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    My Asian swamp aquarium!

    thanks, I did things as well as my resources allowed me, now let's just hope my plants arrive soon so that my beloved gourami pair can have the biotope they deserve
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    My Asian swamp aquarium!

    hello! so seeing that a few people replied recently and that I haven't had an update in almost a month I will update everyone who reads this in a few things, as well as answer some of the comments. ok so for starters, I got the filter and heater a few days after the post but forgot to post it...
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