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    Blood Parrot x Salvini

    Few more. When they was fry with mom n dad ? and now they are all in my 4ft getting along nicely with a few veja. Te hybrids temperament seems communal so far. I would say semi aggressive at most h
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    Blood Parrot x Salvini

    There is one of them. I can't find if there's a way to post multiple photos?
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    Blood Parrot x Salvini

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    Blood Parrot x Salvini

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    Blood Parrot x Salvini

    Hi all, I have got red belly salvini x parrot hybrids they are around 3inch now and looking stunning. Majority of then so far are taking the farthers shape which is the salvini ,but there's a couple shaping like a parrot. When they first successfully had fertilised eggs I started to search on...
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