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  1. Cowboyjester

    Finalu there

    Thanks for that but i am going to wait until all plants are established then i'll give it a go.
  2. Cowboyjester

    Finalu there

    The tank is 200 litres plants are a mix of fake and real used the fakes until real ones take over and get established.
  3. Cowboyjester

    Finalu there

    Thanks buddy👍👍
  4. Cowboyjester

    Nicrew ClassicLED Gen 2 Aquarium Light...

    Hi, I seriously recomend the fluval aquasky it has all the features you mention and my tank looks realy good with it my plants are growing well and it has other features lightning etc not sure about the one your asking about and the fluval is more expensive but seriously good light and colour...
  5. Cowboyjester

    Finalu there

    Tank has been fully cycled and now 0 amonia 0 nitrite and 0 nitrate fish added plants added been at zero for all above for weeks now plants doing well fish doing well with lighting sorted with no algae problems. I would like to thank everyone on here as the answers given in posts have got me...
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  9. Cowboyjester

    New to tff

    Thanks bruce. I know what you mean too many untruths i googled a question yesterday and got 4 different answers on the same page thats why i'm here and again i want to thank you and true fishkeepers in advance for any help as i thoughrly intend to enjoy the hobby.
  10. Cowboyjester

    New to tff

    Thank you, your right i am totaly adicted again!! Looking forward to it😉👍
  11. Cowboyjester

    New to tff

    Hi, My name is shane and i am new to tff, however i am coming back into the hobby but not kept fish for 20 years. In the past i have had tropical fish marines and coral reef tanks but i'm now 60 years old and the memory aint what it used to be and i am looking forward to interacting with other...