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    The tetras and probably the ram and loaches could be beating them up. If they are stressed enough they can die.    Do you generally see males with torn up tails? Or females as well? 
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    Flowering Pots In Betta Tank

    Ok thanks!
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    Flowering Pots In Betta Tank

    Recently I had a flowering pot that was outside and got knocked over by the wind and is now broken. I wanted to put this in my betta's tank as some hiding spots and some cool decorations for her. It has had soil in it, but none with fertilizer that I know of.    How can I clean this to make sure...
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    Questions Before Getting My First Betta?

    You can still do the betta with other calm community fish. Just make sure you have the community fish in there first. Also make sure they look very different from the betta so he or she hopefully doesn't attack them. There is a possibility that it wont work because the betta is too aggressive...
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    Guppy Fry Question

    They can get colors earlier I'm sure. If they have the right conditions such as frequent water changes, ample food and space, they may grow faster. It is usually their size that determines when color shows up. 
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    Only Female Guppy Babies

    I dont think its by temperature, even in cold waters that is still what has happened. 
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    Only Female Guppy Babies

    I find that often times more females are born than males. Sometimes males are late bloomers and surprise you so watch for that too. 
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    Is My Platy Pregnant And If It Is, Is It Just About To Give Birth

    Probably within the next week. It gets easier once you get to know your fish and what size they are when they drop. I have a female who will drop in 5 or 6 days, I'm pretty pumped. :) 
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    Platy Fry Question

    I have done this before just with a water change, I looked to make sure and saved a few fry when I did this. I would try this. After you are done siphoning let the water rest for 30 seconds so it stand still and any fish can get their bearings. 
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    My Growing 'bud'dies!

    Yay! What kind of plant is that. It is very interesting.
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    Cold Water Fish

    I think maybe a white cloud minnow could work. Only two or three. I have never had them before but I think they are cold water. It is hard to stock a tank that size. If you do get a heater you could put in a female betta. I wouldn't do a male because they get much larger. I have a female betta...
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    Something Lodged Uned The Scales.

    I would put him in another tank immediately if you can. I am not sure how they spread, I have never had them nor know what to do. But I would at least get him out.
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    Red Algae Non Planted Tank

    How often do you do water changes? Temp? Also can you scrub it off? 
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    Please Help Identify Critters In My Cherry Shrimp Tank

    Thats very interesting. Have you added new plants, decor, or changed a filter from a previous tank? 
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    Platy Fry Question

    Yay!! I hope he is lucky and does make it. You need to crush the food into a fine powder and swirl it around a bit so it starts to sink. You probably wont see him eat for the first day, they can still be living off of their yolk/egg sack thing. The fry will also eat small bits of food and...
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    Is My Platy Pregnant And If It Is, Is It Just About To Give Birth

    Danios love to eat fry. When you see her starting to give birth you could put her in the box or you can also scoop out whatever fry you see and put them in the box, you can watch her drop them or you can just look every few minutes to see if there are more. This is what I have done before. 
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    Platy Fry Question

    The danios may have eaten the living fry already, how many of the underdeveloped fry do you see? This happens every once in a while to my fish, but only one or two out of 35. 
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    Female German Blue Ram Laying Eggs Without A Male Pair?

    They probably were eaten. I think maybe they haven't paired because I think if they did they would have tried to protect the eggs and keep them clean. 
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    Pregnant Or Not?

    Doesn't sound too good. :/ Do you have another tank she can be alone in?