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  1. MollyFishMomma


    The little dots on the plants and the brown specks on the intake are the “bug” things. I have 3 adult mollies, 4 “teenager” mollies- (3 months old), and 1 bristlenose pleco. Freshwater. I haven’t added anything new in months. I’m out for the day, but will do water test this evening.
  2. MollyFishMomma


    I don’t think so, though I guess it’s not impossible. I haven’t added anything new to the tank in a long time and only have artificial plants.
  3. MollyFishMomma


    I have a 40 gal tank with 3 adult mollies and 4 “teenager” mollies and one bristlenose pleco. I’ve just noticed these “bugs?” Or maybe “mites?” crawling around on the intake and plants. I do 50% water change weekly, haven’t added anything (no new decor, fish, etc.) to the tank in months. Any...
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  7. MollyFishMomma

    Fry, fry, fry

    No matter how many times it happens, I always get excited when one of my girls has babies! No one in my real life cares much; so I wanted to share here hoping my fellow fish people will be excited with me ❤️
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  10. MollyFishMomma

    Sharing great news!

    Congrats! ❤️
  11. MollyFishMomma

    Molly acting strange; going vertical

    Thank you. I’m going to give her some time and just keep a close eye on her.
  12. MollyFishMomma

    Weird spots on Head

    Thank you! I’m definitely hoping so!
  13. MollyFishMomma

    Weird spots on Head

    New Molly in my tank has a weird looking spots on her head. I wasn’t sure if it was just her coloration or if it could be a sign of a disease. I appreciate any advice/help.
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  16. MollyFishMomma

    Molly acting strange; going vertical

    My orange female did something similar before she had her fry, but she started it close to when she had them. If this fish is pregnant, I think she is newly pregnant as I haven’t noticed any gravid spot darkening. Did your guppy do it her whole pregnancy? Or just at the end?
  17. MollyFishMomma

    New Molly madness

    Hi! I’m so excited to have found this forum! I’m new to gosh keeping and have fallen in love with mollies! I currently have 4 adult females and 1 adult male (and some fry 🤪). I’ve learned a lot over the past couple of months and look forward to learning even more from members here.
  18. MollyFishMomma

    Molly acting strange; going vertical

    Help needed, please… New to fish keeping. I have a 37 gallon tank with four female mollies and one male molly. 2 of the females and the male, I’ve had for about 4 months. The other 2 females are new additions, added just this week. One of them at seemingly random goes completely vertical and...
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