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    Ridiculous pet photos

    This is Zeus my Irish Staffordshire cross. He's 4 and a half and this is how he looks at me when I wake him up lol
  2. IMG_20211127_223532.jpg


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    Back in the water again.

    Welcome!! Look forward to hearing more from you. I'm quite new here. No matter age or experience there is always so much more to learn 🙂
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    Black angelfish

    I have a 300 litre (I believe about 80 American gallons?) I have 3 Cory's, 2 plecos, 2 loaches, 6 (now) angelfish, 2 honey gourami,5 dwarf gourami, snails, 4 platy, 3 rainbowfish, 4 danio, 2 golden wonder panchax. My water parameters are in another thread somewhere as I had help with those...
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    Good afternoon

    Thanks. Appreciate it.
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    I'll try catch a pic in a bit when the lights come on if I can. Thanks
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    Golden wonder breeding

    I've also been removing "fluffy" eggs each day as I read these are usually unfertilised and why they begin growing fungus. Thanks. That's now my job for the day. Your advice is precious and very much appreciated @Colin_T
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    Would you suggest I leave them in community tank or move to breeding tank? She is becoming fatter everytime I look at her lol
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    Golden wonder breeding

    Just another egg update for those interested. 5 days after spawning
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    What is this?!?

    Just a couple of update pictures for those who may be interested. I also have a video of them breeding although I can't upload it (unsupported file format?) I let them spawn for 2/3 days and then moved the parents back to the community tank.
  16. IMG_20211118_095433.jpg


  17. IMG_20211118_095409.jpg