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    Honey Gourami - Tail Fin Fight

    I don’t have another tank… will have to rig something up. Any idea which meds to use? Thanks !
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    Honey Gourami - Tail Fin Fight

    A mating pair of Honey Goirami’s have been getting on great, however - they’ve started fighting and one has taken a beating to their tail fin… is there anything I should / could be doing? Thanks so much
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    Planting help and stock levels in a 60L tank

    Thanks for the advice - they look great and may well do the trick. Especially as identifiable as you say. Thanks again!
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    Planting help and stock levels in a 60L tank

    Thank you very much - will take a look on there! I just want to get it right from the outset, luckily - time is not pressing so can set it up right (hopefully!!)
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    Planting help and stock levels in a 60L tank

    Hello! Thanks so much for this. I will cycle the tank then and add in the plants later as have the time to do so. Was only planning on some Java moss / fern and not too heavily planed, so will follow your guide - thank you. It looks like I could be scuppered with the hard water - indeed we...
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    Planting help and stock levels in a 60L tank

    Hi everyone, Much help needed - so thanks for any input! I had a tank many years ago and seems lots has moved in and I have forgotten the rest (!) I am planning to set up a tropical 60L (c. 16 US / 13 imperial Gallons) tank, measuring c. 40 (w) x 40 (l) x 45 (h)cm (c. 16 x 16 x 18”) I was...
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