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  1. Babsalot

    My 20 gallon paired gold ram tank

    We have one bonded pair of gold rams. They were in our 55 gallon tank until they spawned the first time (we didn't know if they would yet at that time) and the male became too aggressive to the other rams and fish in that tank. So we set up a 20 gallon planted tank for them. We also moved a...
  2. Babsalot

    Concerns for fish being sold in stores

    As I see people posting from different countries, I'll specify that I am in the USA, I live in East Tennessee. I know this doesn't concern most people that I know but the care of fish in superstores such as Walmart and some pet stores really upset me. They hire anyone off the street to work in...
  3. Babsalot

    I'm the crazy fish lady!

    Hi to everyone and thanks to all that take the time to read my introduction. I love my fish. I'm a 38 yr old woman that could care less about fish until I met my boyfriend 4 yrs ago and he's been fish keeping since teenage yrs. Shortly after moving in with him, an unfortunate heater failure left...