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  1. shewolf

    Flower Horn ?

    got this from my friend can somebody tell me what kind of fh ?
  2. shewolf

    Flower Horn ?

    got this from my friend can somebody tell me what kind of fh ?
  3. shewolf

    Just 10$ ?

    Can anybody tell me wat kin of flower horn this is ? Its just about 3 inch. I got it for 10$.was it worth ? Watch
  4. shewolf

    Flower Horn

    Thats my Tropical aquarium you mentioned.right now i got a new tank.its 3 feet.
  5. shewolf

    Flower Horn

    Here is the youtube link folks Actually i have a 4 feet empty tank with no inmates.
  6. shewolf

    Flower Horn

    All right folks i wanna know if this juvenile flower horn is worth 10$ :drool: .Its about 3inches.Can anybody tell me What kind of flower horn it is :shout: ? Also how can i know its gender :shifty: ? Download the video
  7. shewolf

    Help Please

    All right guys i need your help again. Can anybody tell me what kind of flower horn it is ? And also can anybody tell me If the green terror in the pic is a male ? Also can somebody identify the fish in the last pic ? sorry for the questions. :shifty...
  8. shewolf

    R.i.p Trigger (my Oscar) And His 9 Tank Mates!

    sorry for your loss, RIP little fishies
  9. shewolf

    Angel Fish !

    I just wanted to know if i could keep 30-40 juvenile angels in a 22 gallon tank ?
  10. shewolf

    How Many Gallons ?

    Hello everyone.I just want to know how many gallons of water can be filled in a 36" 12" 12" (Length,width,height).thank you :unsure:
  11. shewolf

    Black Ghost Knife Fish And Goldfish ?

    Hi.... everybody,i have a 200 gallon tank with 2 black ghost knife fishes about 3 inch long each.I was wondering if i could have large fantail goldfishes with them (about 7 inches long).Will it be compatible ? I also have a red slider turtle about 7 inches in the same tank.Till now my...
  12. shewolf

    Diy Hood Plans

    this is so cool
  13. shewolf

    Can't keep my snails alive :-/

    are your snails temperature compatible ?
  14. shewolf

    How Careful Do I Have To Be With Ich?

    sterilize your whole tank and up the temp by 2 or 3 degrees if u r fish are compatible.
  15. shewolf

    I Cant Keep My Babies Alive

    most of the natural plants when added to the aquarium without cleaning results in leeches which attach itsel to the fish just like ich !
  16. shewolf

    Is This An Expensive Hobby

    i agree with rooster
  17. shewolf

    Hi From Ind

    Hi everybody... my name is pinky :blush: i am new here.i am finding this forum to be really wonderful.