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  1. J

    Do I need to add iron for red plants to supplement Thrive?

    Am I better off turning the light to a higher percentage (assuming I can keep the algae under control) or leaving it on for more hours in the day?
  2. J

    Do I need to add iron for red plants to supplement Thrive?

    I have green and red plants in a high tech tank. I use seachem root tabs and Thrive all-in-one from Niloc-G. The plants are "happy" and are growing. My concern is that the red pants to have new growth coming in green (picture #1), or ALL of the growth of the rotala rotundifolia picture #2 I put...
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    picture 2.jpg

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    picture 1.jpg

  5. J

    Carpet advice for 46g Bowfront tank

    I just redid my tank last weekend by yanking out the gravel and putting in black diamond sand. I have some established plants in the back, but have bought some others that are just getting started (e.g. rotalla). I also put some Vesicularia on the driftwood on the right using thread and hope it...
  6. Tank 4-3-22.jpg

    Tank 4-3-22.jpg

  7. J

    Help on substrates to use for carpeted, planted tank hosting live bearers

    I am switching over to aquascaping from a standard gravel bottom. I have a high-tech 46g bowfront tank (other than the substrate) - Fluval 3.0 light, CO@ etc. My tank will have live bearers (mollies, guppies, cory cats, some tetras and a kuhli loach) My water runs high pH (around 7.8) and would...
  8. J

    Advice on how to change from a gravel to substrate/soil tank

    Maybe I don't - I am new to anything that isn't big gravel. I sort of figured that the ADA/Landen/etc soil would come with nutrients included that would help the plants get established and spread for a while. By the time the soil aged and a carpet covered everything, I'd think they'd be...
  9. J

    Advice on how to change from a gravel to substrate/soil tank

    Will the plants root well in sand? Also, do I need to use root tabs in sand (assuming yes). I really want to do a carpet so I i need dirt instead of something inert (eco-complete, sand, etc). Is there any value to putting the dirt on top of (shudder, I suppose) the eco complete? I was...
  10. J

    Advice on how to change from a gravel to substrate/soil tank

    Hi, all. I currently have a 46 gallon bowfront planted tank holding about 20 live bearers with a Fluval 3.0 light and CO2 pumped in. And I currently have the plants in gravel and am feeding them with Flourish and root tabs.... In case it is relevant, my pH locally is 7.8 or so (really wish it...
  11. J

    Two co2art questions

    1) Drop Checker question - I have just installed my co2art setup (more below on #2) and the pH in my area runs around 7.6. I recognize I am looking for a lime green color in the drop checker, but I'm wondering if the pH of the water has any impact on the color I should expect. 2) I have...
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  13. J

    Need CO2 recommendation

    Problem is I can't g I dose the fertilizer 2x a week. The package recommends five "squirts" (one for each 10 gallons). I can cut back to once a week. The lights are on 4 hours a day. There is no direct sunlight from anywhere.
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  15. J

    Need CO2 recommendation

    Before the algae explosion, I had about 8 plants in the tank. I removed them and am starting over with 10 (now) and plans to buy more once I have a tank that can handle it. The algae problem was hair algae. It got all over the plants, the heater, etc. I do a 33% water change weekly. I'm not...
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  17. J

    Need CO2 recommendation

    I've got a planted tank that has had algae problems. I have decided to add CO2 and try to have more plants growing to keep the algae at bay. If someone gives me a shopping list for a do it yourself kit, I'll buy that. If going with a kit from a commercial company makes more sense, I'll buy...
  18. J

    Hair Algae treatment recommendations please

    Problem with the hair algae is that it is sticky. I found dead fish stuck in them in the last week, and say even my yoyo loach was having some trouble swimming through a patch of the stuff.
  19. J

    Hair Algae treatment recommendations please

    Those pictures were months old. I had the same stuff literally growing all over the tank (driftwood, heater, other plants, glass). Even if the moss balls were ok back in the beginning, by the end they had the same sticky stuff on them as was everywhere else.
  20. J

    Hair Algae treatment recommendations please

    I had a BAD case of hair algae in my livebearer water tank. It made my mossimo moss balls look like chia pets (I added some pictures of the algae on two of the moss balls before they got really hairy), it was growing off of all of the leaves of my live plants, off of my fluval heater, and in...