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    Female Guppy acting strange

    I got the endlers a few days ago and they are babies and I plan on moving the female out before they can breed.
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    Female Guppy acting strange

    10 gallon tank 5 male endlers (just got them this week) rehomed all my other fish last week but the guy couldn’t take the last female guppy. Eventually want to make this an endler tank. Parameters: Nitrate 20 ppm Nitrite 0 ppm Alkalinity: 20 ppm pH: 6.8
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    Female Guppy acting strange

    One of my female guppies has not been acting right for a few days now. She hangs out on the bottom of the tank all day and has refused to eat for 3-4 days now. She swims around very little and spends most of her time in the corners of the tank. I’ve started administering tetra lifeguard a few...
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