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  1. Lynden

    Ohh, for the good ol' days...

    Ohh, for the good ol' days...
  2. Lynden

    Prices On Used Equipment, Ect.

    Thanks guys, I have a buyer coming up today. Hopefully I can at least get everything alive unloaded before I leave.
  3. Lynden

    Prices On Used Equipment, Ect.

    My first ever BUMP....
  4. Lynden

    Prices On Used Equipment, Ect.

    Hey guys, Well, I'm heading off to university this fall and of course need to destroy my beloved tank. This is an ad I plan to post at various locations and what I'm wondering is whether you guys think the prices are reasonable or if I need to review them. I don't know as I've never really...
  5. Lynden

    Porcupinefish Diodontidae

    In my sig... "Un-Reef Safe" fish for reef tanks.
  6. Lynden


    Actually malus are pretty much on par with the other Heteractis regarding stings. They pale in comparison to Stichodactyla (carpets), Cryptodendrum (pizzas), and to several other genera rarely kept in aquaria. All photosynthetic anemones seem to be capable of surviving on photosynthesis alone...
  7. Lynden

    Humbug Damselfish Swam Into Anemone

    A number of damselfish regularly inhabit anemones. Dominos, which are almost identical to humbugs, will readily do so.
  8. Lynden

    Porcupinefish Diodontidae

    Forgot to add... magnificent animals and one of my favourite fish. They were the reason I wanted a SW tank in the first place. They are very intelligent, and their eyes are unbelievable, being capable of monocular or binocular vision.Their jaws are very powerful (have been bitten, so I know)...
  9. Lynden

    Concidering A Wrasse, Whats Your Thoughts On These...

    Of the three Labroides dimidiatus (the one pictured) I have kept, two fed very well on frozen foods. They are not all that difficult to keep and they really are a fun fish to keep. Ironically, mine both perished during disease outbreaks. The other Labroides, of course, have a very poor...
  10. Lynden

    Porcupinefish Diodontidae

    I prefer to dodge the entire common name issue altogether by just referring to them as 'diodonts'. I bought mine fairly small, and he attacked hermit crabs at first until he began to accept food from me. They never nip corals and mine hasn't killed anything I know of, and this seems fairly...
  11. Lynden

    Brackish Sea Anemone?

    Aiptasia (and majano for that matter) are valued by some people, me included, for the diversity and interest they add to a tank.
  12. Lynden

    Hermit Id Please?

    Probably a Dardanus of some sort. I have a Dardanus megistos in my sump. They are hardy and often personable but they are very powerful animals. Think of the problems that some people report with the dwarf hermits and multiply that by ten.
  13. Lynden


    They apparently eat molluscs, fishes and crustaceans at night. Do try live foods, though do not allow the fish to become "hooked" on any freshwater-based foods. These will damage the liver in time. Just drop them in, probably. Also, these fish can reach two feet in length, and they do change...
  14. Lynden

    Toadstool Corals

    Sarcophyton (toadstool leathers) shed a mucous layer every so often. During this time they look shriveled and dead. They will do this in the best of conditions, but it is most likely to occur when the environment changes.
  15. Lynden

    Brackish Sea Anemone?

    They are usually only a threat to very small fish, and since this is a brackish tank there is no corals I presume. I am among those who like aiptasia and majano anemones in the reef tank, though I am not above obliterating them in order to give the corals they are stinging a chance to catch...
  16. Lynden

    Damsel Is Picking At Coral

    Some damselfish (e.g., Neoglyphidodon) regularly eat corals. Damselfish dentition is well capable of doing so. However, most of the time, if a damselfish attacks coral, they do so for territorial reasons or in order to expand their gardens. An example of the former would be when a clownfish...
  17. Lynden

    Brackish Sea Anemone?

    The good news here is that it may be an aiptasia of some sort, and therefore rather easy to feed and take care of. Just give it a small bit of meaty food (seafood) every few days. The bad news is that of the anemones that are known to venture into brackish water, none grow very large. In fact...
  18. Lynden

    Have You Overlooked These Fish?

    Just to note... as per my own directions, I have successfully kept a diodont in a reef tank for around six months now with no issues. :hey:
  19. Lynden

    55 Gallon Setup

    Picasso triggers belong to the Rhinecanthus genus, all of which are similar regarding temperament. They are considered one of the less aggressive trigger genera. They can be kept in reef tanks if the stock is chosen carefully; mostly avoiding small or delicate fish and limiting cleanup crews to...
  20. Lynden

    Am I Overstocked

    Well I suppose my years of reef-safeness "indoctrination" has done little to faze this forum. ;) Thalassoma do not eat corals. They simply do not form part of the fish's diet. These wrasses prey on crustaceans primarily, plus echinoderms and various molluscs, as well as small fish. Not all...