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  1. gmc1

    New tank waiting to cycle

    Don't add fish for a stand by says the live rock will do it.check my journal for checking cycle.
  2. gmc1

    Skimmer filling bowl

    What type of skimmer do you have.cup usually overfills if water level is too high and it's over skimming.
  3. gmc1

    73 gallon Vietnamese hillstream tank build

    Look fwd to this.good to see you back
  4. gmc1

    Beginner Coral Help?

    Have a look at my reef journal for the corals etc
  5. gmc1

    Beginner Coral Help?

    I have had good results from my aqualantis led day and tmc aquaray reef blue at night. Good corals to start with are lps corals if you aren't running carbon etc. What equipment do you have at the moment
  6. gmc1

    Lobophyllia eating crab

    Woke this morning to find my blue legged hermit out it's shell and half hanging out my lob.all tenticales are out as if it's feeding.its defo dead as my two nassurius snails are at the back looking for some too. I can only assume that it's been on death's door at the wrong place and time.
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  10. gmc1

    New 90 Litre Saltwater.

    Yearly update.
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  12. gmc1

    Fish free for the asking

    Hi Zante.i could take them off you.its what I was looking to increase in my display tank.
  13. gmc1

    Considering closing down a tank?

    I believe you may have already made your mind up about saltwater.
  14. gmc1

    Sw Setup

    I use instant ocean
  15. gmc1

    Cyanobacteria-Blue Green Slime Remover

    I used this and it disappeared with no problems at all.that's a shame because I thought it was excellent. I hate using anything chemical but I had literally tried everything.
  16. gmc1

    Sw Setup's not too bad.look at my 90 litre saltwater journal. Good flow-powerheads. Good test kit.-Api is pretty useless to be honest.I bought one then needed all the magnesium phosphate nitrate etc etc. Good plan.-decide first what you would like in your tank.I decided like yourself I...
  17. gmc1

    New 90 Litre Saltwater.

    Over the last few weeks some more corals. Indonesian torch coral. Australian pink eye chalice Red and green moon coral. These