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  1. gaz gun man

    Happy Birthday - Shelaghfishface!

    happy belated :)
  2. gaz gun man

    Water Droplets

    well it wont hurt to try with your kit lens, though I expect the results from the macro lens would be better. Only reason I used my standard lens over a macro (apart from the DOF thing) is because its optically superior to the Tamron 90mm (recently sold that anyway)
  3. gaz gun man

    Water Droplets

    Hope you dont mind me posting a few of mine: Heres the set-up I used...
  4. gaz gun man

    Anyone Have A Go At Capturing The Supermoon?

    wow, that IS amazing! so sharp! How did you get it?
  5. gaz gun man

    Anyone Have A Go At Capturing The Supermoon?

    Hey, Nikon D200 with 70-200mm lens set at 200mm on a tripod settings (If I remember right) were manual, around f8, and spot metering
  6. gaz gun man

    Anyone Have A Go At Capturing The Supermoon?

    Here is my attempt;
  7. gaz gun man

    Anyone Bought Tank From Seapets (Online)

    I bought my tank from them, and after over a week or so with no delivery, I rang them and they told me it was out of stock and they were waiting for them to b delivered. They had already taken my money so I just waited. Took around 2-3weeks in the end if I remember correctly.
  8. gaz gun man

    Have I Grasped Iso Correctly

    yes, thats right. A lower ISO for bright subjects, and a higher ISO for dark subjects. Bear in mind the higher the ISO the more sensitive to light the image sensor is, which creates something called 'noise' on images. Newer cameras tend to surpress noise alot better than older ones, and...
  9. gaz gun man

    hey you...thanks for the new years wish, hope yours is turning out to be a good one :)

    hey you...thanks for the new years wish, hope yours is turning out to be a good one :)
  10. gaz gun man

    How Many No Longer Like Black Ops

    The game is terrible IMO, poor hit detection, all the guns sound naff, air support sounds naff, terrible spawning, horrible graphics, shotguns are worthless, connection issues...the list goes on. They've tried to balance the guns and knifing, and as a result, the game has suffered IMO Back to...
  11. gaz gun man

    Merry Christmas Thread

    Merry Christmas everyone! :drinks:
  12. gaz gun man

    Top Gear

    Clarkson for me, with May a close second. I think the way they bounce off of eachother is what makes them the funniest to watch, Hammond is like a puppy dog thats in love with Clarkson. Though saying that, I was impressed with the way he handled the pistol on the Stig drive by. Clarksons...
  13. gaz gun man

    A Few Of My Photos..

    The lighting and DOF are spot on on the mushroom IMO :good: Have you tried straightening it in PS? I think I would be tempted if it were my image :fun:
  14. gaz gun man

    Newbie Camera?

    I dont know about being very limited, according to Wiki, theres still plently of lenses to choose from. Just be aware of what will and what wont Auto Focus when it comes to buying new lenses. If you're in any doubt, just pop into Jessops or a specialist photography shop and ask them if you can...
  15. gaz gun man

    Newbie Camera?

    The only disadvantage with the D40 is that it dosent have a built in AF motor, which means that if the lens dosent have one built in, your only option is to manual focus.
  16. gaz gun man

    Anyone Took Pictures Of The Moon

    nice and sharp! :cool: what focal length did you use?
  17. gaz gun man

    1997-1999 Kids Programmes

    Kenan and Kel was and still is awesome! I've watched them all again on Youtube
  18. gaz gun man

    Newbie Camera?

    +1 on the D50 As stated, either Nikon or Canon will serve you well. One piece of advice I have though, is to get yourself down to an electrical retailer and handle the bodies in your price range. A camera might look better on paper, but that dosent automatically make it the best choice.
  19. gaz gun man

    What Names Have You Had For Your Fish

    Is it just me that finds naming fish kinda silly? :blink:
  20. gaz gun man

    Anyone Took Pictures Of The Moon

    heres my attempt: its not great but im going to give it another go soon