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    Flowerhorn X kkp for sale ( UK ) shropshire

    Flowerhorn X kkp male , purchased to originally use in a breeding project however I've changed my mind on plans so unfortunately is up for sale , not proven fertile however I'm confident he will be and even if he isn't , is still a gorgeous fish regardless if I had the room I would be keeping...
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    Flowerhorn male for sale own bred raised from an egg

    Due to change in stocking this is a massively regrettable sale but has to happen , fish is located in Telford Shropshire , asking £60 Ono want a good home for this guy cheers
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    Sold as a flowerhorn but wanting some advice

    Thankyou mate yes I'm never having anything else now lovley fish , but rough but great characters
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    Sold as a flowerhorn but wanting some advice

    Thankyou for your reply she's growing fast at the moment and think she is going to be bigger than my male shortbody , she has already spawned once much appreciated
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    Sold as a flowerhorn but wanting some advice

    Hi hope some of you can help me I have had what was sold as a female flowerhorn for 3 months now and i Keep getting told she is either full trimac or low grade flowerhorn , I'm happy either way of course but from photos online she looks very similar to pure trimacs although I'm convinced she is...
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