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  1. D

    Are these both males?

    I do! I have a cycled tank with since tetras :)
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    Are these both males?

    I think I saw them locking lips quick as I leaving but they generally stay away from eachother. I'll keep an eye on them the next few nights Them
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    Are these both males?

    Should I just remove the timid one and place it in my other tank?
  4. D

    Are these both males?

    I just them yesterday, one seems to be more timid but the other has been out exploring the tank
  5. D

    Are these both males?

    At first I thought because the one had more color it meant male but I'm sure. Thank you!
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  9. 20220907_143132.jpg


  10. D

    Keyhole sex?

    I don't:( they're currently in a tank with betta now. And the betta in the smaller tank did okay with a DG. She just didn't along with other bettas
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    Keyhole sex?

    I'm not sure if these are any clearer. Could I move him into my 10G betta tank (female) until I get my new tank set up and cycled? Or would it be better to leave him in the tank being bullied? Will they be okay being the only keyholes in the tank? I thought they were supposed to be kept in pairs?
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    Keyhole sex?

    I'm trying to figure out the sex lol I know the other one I have is male. I thought they were bonded but then I changed their tank around and switch out plants but since then this one has been in hiding and stressed. I found it buried in the sand under driftwood. I took them both out and...
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